Time to read again an old short story

The first real jolt indicating a serious problem with the plan came when television reporter Cathy Carlsen was killed in Norfolk, shot dead while covering the commissioning of the Harvey Milk, the Navy’s newest destroyer. That she was killed was bad enough. That it happened on a “secure” naval base—a federal installation—made it much worse. Her blood splattered across the Admirals’ white uniforms made quite a picture.”

Matthew Bracken’s What I Saw At The Coup.

Click on the link, read the story and if you don’t have his books, go ahead and get them.

2 Replies to “Time to read again an old short story”

  1. His latest, “The Red Cliffs of Zerhoun” is quite good. I felt the storytelling was more skillful than in the earlier volume of that series (Castigo Key).
    For serious scariness, it’s hard to beat his “Enemies trilogy” especially the first volume.
    Thanks Miguel, I agree, his work is worth reading.

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