2 Replies to “Why the application of the parking brake is so important”

  1. Damn! Looks to have been lit by a water heater in that storage space.

    Besides incidents like this, one should always apply the parking brake for a couple of other reasons: 1) Failing to use it regularly will damage the transmission’s park pawl, putting undue stress on the pawl, case, and mating cog. You can hear the “POW!” sound when someone doesn’t use the parking brake and yanks the transmission out of park when on a hill. 2) If your vehicle is hit in the parking lot, the pawl can be damaged, or if your car has a manual transmission, the transmission can be damaged (the latter happened to a friend’s VW Syncro’s manual, and it took him over a year to find the parts — in the meantime, it was undriveable).

    You can always see when someone doesn’t apply the brake and the vehicle rocks back-and-forth when they take their foot off the brake.

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