7 Replies to “Bad Joke Of the Day brough To You By The Brady Campaing.”

  1. Of course, they show a picture of him as a fresh-faced young kid.

    I think the main takeaway from his death is this – if you happen to find yourself on top of another human being attempting to smash that person’s head into the pavement, understand that even if that person started the fight, they might consider what you’re doing to be a deadly force situation.

    That’s the part the liars for Trayvon always leave out.

  2. This is really rich coming from the Brady Campaign. They claim to fight for those like Trayvon who are “impacted by gun violence”. Newsflash Brady, Trayvon illegally obtained a handgun (and also was involved in other criminal activities). If Trayvon didn’t kick the bucket, he would be one of the dudes who would “impact” someone else with “gun violence”. Geniuses.

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