I’ll give it a try

I took a peek at the Twitter account of the Socialist Party of Great Britain advocating for world socialism.

This account is monumentally stupid.  It’s every bad socialist trope strung together.  Cuba, Venezuela, China, North Korea, they aren’t socialist, they are capitalist.  There will be no money and everything is free because we’ll work cooperatively.

This, however, was my favorite Tweet.

The question that nobody addresses is: “who cleans the shitters?”

So here’s the deal that I’ll make with the Socialist Party of Great Britain:

I’ll accept socialism on a trial basis.  I call dibs on being the guy who has to paint the swim suits on the Sports Illustrated swim suit models, body paint special.  Since that is a seasonal job, I’ll spend the rest of the year as a sponsored professional IPSC/USPSA shooter.

Everyone who is a member of Socialist Party of Great Britain gets first crack at pumping septic tanks and Port-a-Potties.

If in 10 years time, they still want this system, I’ll be happy to consider making it permanent.



6 Replies to “I’ll give it a try”

  1. “No one would be made to do anything they don’t want to do.”

    I am sensing a unsaid thought here- someone is tired of their mum nagging them to go out and get a job because they’re bloody 31 years old, and could they at least take out the rubbish.

  2. I can think of a dozen jokes, but the real joke here is that these idiots *actually believe* that this will work. They even write-off the lessons of history by saying that “those countries” weren’t practicing *real* socialism. The obvious holes on their arguments are not even slightly apparent. The delusional force is strong with them……

    1. They can either look reality in the face, and understand that There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch, and they really ain’t nothing special…

      Or play make believe, and pretend they can bring about a magical land where nobody really has to work hard, and everyone is happy, and they’re the most specialist snowflake.

      Either way, the Gods of the Copybook Headings are standing by.

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