Why I no longer have my last job

Watch this.

A bunch of idiots in Philly were on top of the canopy at the Ritz Carlton and it collapsed.

I GUARANTEE you that at least a few of them will sue the Ritz. 

There will be attorneys who will take the case.  They will argue that the structure should have been able to support that weight or that it should not have been that easy to get on top of or there was a flaw in the design or manufacture of the awning.

Someone will say the steel wasn’t up to spec or the welds were bad or the whole thing had a design flaw.

The Ritz will get sued, so with the awning manufacturer, also the supplier of the steel.

The attorneys will hire consultants to write reports and testify that you should be able to park a car on a good awning and everything about this awning was a death trap.

Attorneys for the defense will hire their own experts to write and testify to the opposite, that an awning isn’t a balcony and it’s not supposed to hold people.

If nobody settles, it goes to a jury.  The jury may look at the evidence, or they may just listen to the crying testimony of a victim who says how having the awning collapse on him has put him in too much pain to play catch with his kid and make love to his wife, and decide in the favor of the plaintiff.

After only a couple of years I learned that there was no amount of bonus money at the end of the year that made me want to participate in this shit fest anymore.  

Hoory, I got $53,000 at Christmas for being a fithy whore to lawyers.  I feel so empty inside.”

I ran away from that screaming.  

I make less but am a much richer person for it.

I know somewhere, sombody is going to make a lot of money because some drunk fucks climbed an awning.

I am very glad that won’t be me.

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