One to Watch in NOLA

I saw this post over at MDA’s Facebook page.

A Black Lives Matter activist was killed at 1:30 am in New Orleans.

The man, Muhiyidin Moye d’Baha, was famous for stealing a Confederate Flag during protests in Charleston, South Carolina.

Already, the supporters of MDA have decided that the killer must be a white supremacist and is Trump’s fault.

As of yet there is no evidence to that or even a suspect.

Here are some things we do know.

From 2017, the homicide rate in New Orleans was higher than Chicago or Baltimore.  The NOLA black homicide rate was 25.75/100,000.  Historically, black shooters were responsible for about 95% of the murders in NOLA.


Could a white supremacist have recognized  Muhiyidin Moye d’Baha from pictures taken in 2015 of him taking a Confederate Flag from a protester and decided to get revenge?

Could he have been followed by a white supremacist from Charleston (where he lived)  to New Orleans to be murdered for role in a 2015 protest?

Or could he have been the victim of random black on black crime after midnight, in a bad neighborhood, in one of America’s most dangerous cities?

At this point I am reminded of a British aphorism, which is usually a version of Hanlon’s Razor: “cock-up before conspiracy.”

Only time will tell.  However, in the absence of evidence I’m sure we in polite society – particularity those who are white, legally own guns, support Trump, or all three – will be blamed for this assassination and hate crime.  

We will know if (that) it turns out to be just random NOLA street violence, when this story vanishes like a fart in a hurricane, because above all else the narrative has to be preserved.

Until then, brace yourselves.

7 Replies to “One to Watch in NOLA”

  1. That “Beverly Norman” character appears to come from an alternate universe. Because I don’t recall any instances of “white supremacists” bragging about murder and getting away with it, let alone being left alone in the university studies.

    On the contrary, I remember multiple cases where black “gangstas” bragged about their crimes and got caught. In fact, I remember a Chicago case of kidnapping and torture where the black criminals literally live-broadcast their crime –and one of them was released with barely a lecture from the judge.

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