People are going all nuts about a Tesla Electric car in Space.

The Lunar Rover was also electric and it was actually driven around, not just posed for pictures. And it seems that nobody is bothered by the fact that Musk is using a rocket concept discarded by NASA and pretty much everybody else in the early 1960s because it was inefficient. But then again, he is being subsidized with taxpayer’s money, so he does not care.

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  1. Inefficient does not mean “doesn’t work”.

    Subsidy doesn’t mean evil.

    It’s a modular design, which usually gives up some efficiency to get the modularity.

    They appear to be using the methodology that Jerry Pournelle laid out in at least one of his non-fiction works about how to get back into space and stay there.

    Once we are there to stay, try getting us to come back!

  2. Where are the satellites?
    2271 satellites in “space”.
    What about space junk?
    As of July 2013, more than 170 million debris smaller than 1 cm, about 670,000 debris 1–10 cm, and around 29,000 larger debris were estimated to be in or it.
    I call bs.

  3. Falcon Heavy wasn’t developed with government subsidies. The half billion dollar development costs were paid for with internal SpaceX money and venture capital investments.

    It’s funny to see people complain about SpaceX when what they have done is incredible. Not only have they developed the first reusable rocket boosters, they’re launch costs are between 1/2 to 1/4 of their closest competitors. ULA could have done this work, but they didn’t because they were fat dumb and happy to bilk the taxpayers out of hundreds of billions of dollars in order to give the US military their congressionally mandated “Assured Access to Space” (the, at any cost part is left out, but clearly implied.)

    As for self landing rockets being a discarded idea from NASA, that’s no surprise given how risk averse NASA is, and their willingness to greenlight idiotic boondoggles like the Space Shuttle, which was basically an overpriced, overhyped, antiquated death trap that was so expensive to run that its costs limited human space flight to low earth orbit for the better part of a generation.

    What SpaceX has done is monumental. Not just technologically, but what they represent as a threat to the corrupt assholes running Old Space launch services.

    It’s kind of sad that so many people on the right shit on SpaceX, and their only reason for doing so seems to be “lulz, but hippies drive Teslas and they are dumb.”

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