That boy ain’t right

This is an excerpt from Nancy Pelosi’s 8 hour rambling yesterday.

I have kids.  I also have younger siblings.

Sometimes kids will do or say things to try to get a parent’s attention.   Kids don’t come out and say “why don’t you love me?”  They will act out in a way to get you to show them attention.

This story that Nancy Pelosi tells (I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that it’s true) isn’t beautiful, it’s tragic.

This is a little boy who listens to his mom and grandma and the other voices in his world and has come to the conclusion that they don’t love him because he is white.  If only he were brown like his Guatemalan friend, everyone would show him love and attention.

Pelosi’s grandson has ingested the rhetoric and had developed pathology.  All he wants to do is be loved but GamGam loves the brown kids she stands up and defends for 8 hours, not him.

This story has created more white nationalist than anything Trump could have done.

This kid needs some help before he becomes a neo Nazi or overdose in a San Francisco alley.

One Reply to “That boy ain’t right”

  1. The divisian started with obammy and these morons want to keep it up. Sad. They too stupid to see the divide is getting wider. Or are they??? Divide and concour remember that come november

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