Venezuelan Socialism keeps country safe from dangerous criminals

Doing my news-gathering rounds, I came across this photo:

The report comes out of Zulia State  which borders with Colombia so my first thought was the plastic bags contained cocaine and maybe there is a load of pot or even heroine in the cloth bag. Really dangerous stuff, hardened criminals out of circulation because of the hard labor of local police.

They were arrested because they were carrying two hundred kilos of sugar. Yes, normal sugar, the stuff you add to your coffee.

Regional police officers attached to the Police Coordination Center -Maracaibo South seized, yesterday, 200 kilos of sugar in the main avenue of Urbanizacion Villa Hermosa, Cristo de Aranza parish of Maracaibo. Two alleged criminals were arrested during the procedure.
Brigadier General Rubén Ramírez Cáceres, general director of CPBEZ, commented that the officers carried out surveillance and patrol duties when they saw a vehicle Chevrolet, model Cavalier, red, plate DAS-32A, was overweight in the back.
Immediately they descended from their units, approached to inspect, inside the trunk were 10 bags of sugar, weighed 20 Kilos, for a total of 200 kilos.

Incautan 200 kilos de azucar en in carro. (Original in Spanish)

Having solved all crimes in their state, the Zulia Police is now targeting those individual engaged in the possession of sugar. OK, I am not being fair as good part for this travesty comes from the central government of Caracas that has made illegal for individual citizens the ownership of quantities of foodstuff that have not been doled out by the official governmental sources and according to the ration “cards” (It is electronic now, uses your thumbprint and runs from a data base.)

The article goes on to say that the sugar will be sent to the local distribution centers where it will be properly given to the populace. But in reality the sugar has already been shared by the members of the local police station with a cut reserved for the bosses.

I can imagine the conversation among inmates.

“What are you in here for? Murder? Rape? Armed robbery?”
“Possession of Sugar”
“Shit, you a badass!”

Not even Eugene Ionesco (Father of Theatre of the Absurd) could write this shit.

7 Replies to “Venezuelan Socialism keeps country safe from dangerous criminals”

    1. Dictatorships are like that. The bad guys never suffer. Look at North Korea, run by a fat punk kid, surrounded by fat old sycophants in funny uniforms.

  1. I remember about 6 mo ago there were some guys arrested for smuggling baby formula into the country. They were using the same tactics the Colombian cartels use to smuggle cocaine.

    It’s nuts when you have people with bags of baby formula duck taped to their bodies trying to go through check points.

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