False Advertising for Pet Adoptions: Stupid.

Bo, not taking out on pit Bulls, just the people around them.

The attribution of human characteristics or behavior to a god, animal, or object.

As much as I feel for the people trying to have pit bulls adopted, they are doing the breed a great disservice by portraying them as babies, incapable of harming anybody. That means that the “adoptive parents” will treat them (and train them) as humans rather than domesticated predators.

That can backfire rather badly.

I am not saying to mistreat the animal or not love on it, but what you see as “human behavior” is nothing more than our misguided feelings and their learned response to them. “Cutesy pooh” behavior on a dog is simply the response he gives to your specific stimuli and it is not a higher thought process.

Dogs are part of a pack, not a human family. Act and train them accordingly.


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