Jackass baiting

There are people that say every time Trump says something petulant that Trump is playing 3-D chess while the Democrats are playing checkers.

I can’t always believe that.

Every once in a while, I do believe that Trump is a master level Troll.

This is one of those times.

Trump’s State of the Union was fairly popular.  There were some points in it that were nothing but patriotic pablum.  Something so easy to like that there was no way it could be turned against him

The honoring of Preston Sharp, a boy who planted flags on the grave of veterans, was one of those moments.  Every American should have been able to say “good job Preston.”

The Democrats had their assholes so puckered with #Resistance that they couldn’t even applaud that.

It looked bad.

So… fast forward.  It get’s leaked to the media that Trump wants a military parade.

I honestly doubt that.  His Secretary of Kicking Ass Defense is James Mattis.  Mattis isn’t the parade type.  The parade was never going to happen.

What the news of Trump floating the idea of a parade did was make #Resistance fall all over themselves to #Resist.

DC Council members want a counter-military parade.

People are volunteering to lie in the streets like Tienanmen Square.

Saying that this is evidence of Trump being a despot.

Getting MDA founder (and I believe future CO Senate candidate) Shannon Watts to equate the military to neo Nazis.

I think this was all a ploy to get Liberals to #Resist so hard that they made themselves look like the military hating, anti-American nut jobs that they are.

Colorado is big Military state.  The Air Force Academy is in Colorado.  This tweet is going to come back and bite Shannon Watts in the ass, hard, with people.

I honestly believe Trump was baiting these jackasses into doing something stupid and they took it and ran with it.

He may not be playing 3-D chess, but he knows how to make #Resistance expose the awful shittiness within themselves.



9 Replies to “Jackass baiting”

  1. Two points: 1) If you think this will negatively affect Shannon Watts, you have a higher opinion than the average CO voter than I do.

    2) The Air Force has never met a liberal cause du jour that they did not ardently sign on to. That applies exponentially to USAFA.

    1. As a CO resident, I sadly have to agree with both points. However, there is far more military presence in CO than merely the Air Force in the Springs.

    2. I think among Top Brass that may be the case. For the regular enlisted and low ranking officers, I think there is a difference.

      When you poll enlisted and non career officers, the majority are conservative. When you poll high ranking career officers, they get more liberal. A lot of generals are Democrats.

      It is DC-itis. The more time you spend with politicians making policy and the less time you spend commanding forces in or preparing for war, the more you become a politician.

      Don’t confuse some general who schmoozes with a Senator for base funding with a Sargent or Captain in a combat unit.

      1. High ranking officers tend to be more political, and more likely to speak in a way that pleases their political masters. So your observation makes sense. The same applies in the police, which is why you can find some police chiefs saying insane gun control things — their political masters make them do that.

  2. “Do you think he plans it all out or makes it up as he goes along?”

    As for the parade thing, concur with the troops hating them. However, the Army keeps an entire Infantry Battalion in DC who’s primary mission is being put on display. They should be used to it by now.

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