MSNBC’s blonde beast

From the network that brought you George Zimmerman the “white Hispanic” comes Nancy Pelosi the “ethnic” white, millionaire.

I think Chris “the Blonde Beast” Matthews is MSNBC’S very own Reinhard Heydrich, deciding people’s race and whether or not they should be saved or have there character executed on live TV.


I remember reading that a woman became a witch when she had congress with the devil. I didn’t know that meant sharing party leadership with Harry Reid.

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  1. Her name ends in a vowel. That obviously makes her an ethnic!
    Even her maiden name was D’Alesandro. Doesn’t that make her one of those incredibly rare and exotic Italian-Americans?

    What really sets her apart from normal Americans are her klepto-socialist views, and that she was the daughter, sister, and sister-in-law to politicians.

    She is a very shrewd politician however. Her “Leadership Minute” eight hour filibuster this week has quieted the “Nancy is an old, bumbling, confused Alzheimers patient that needs to be replaced” talk of the last few weeks. She, and her big bag of donor cash and contacts are not stepping aside for a few years yet.

    1. “She, and her big bag of donor cash and contacts are not stepping aside for a few years yet.”
      Which is a good thing for us- someone who is old, out of touch, and dependent on even further out of touch radicals making policy for a party out of power- pass the popcorn.
      She’s the political equivalent of Hitler as supreme military commander of the Axis post 1943.

      However, I will predict that should the Dems lose big in November, that she, Hillary, and many of the other old baggage in the party will be purged.

      1. Perhaps. OTOH, we can pray that The Deplorables will, again, get the blame, and she and the rest of her brain trust can merrily careen along in their clown car of policy making, I wonder if Mr. Trump might be interested in a third term…..?

        1. It may well be that there’s no new generation waiting in the wings who are ready, willing and able to take control of the Democratic party.

          Just the political equivalent of mom’s basement dwellers who want others to do all the things for them.

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