The Very Strange Mind of a Gun Control Advocate.

My apologies for the quality of video. I can’t figure out how to download it and the site did not allow for embedding. It is not the totality of the statement but truthfully you don’t need more.

The bill he is arguing against is HB-39:
Removes statement of applicability relating to certain violations of carrying concealed weapon or firearm; reduces penalties applicable to person licensed to carry concealed weapon or firearm for first or second violation of specified provisions relating to openly carrying weapons; provides that person licensed to carry concealed weapon or firearm does not violate certain provisions if firearm is temporarily & openly displayed.

Basically, if you accidentally and temporarily expose your concealed gun and some simpleton asshole calls the cops, you get a first fine of $25 for the first offense, $500 for the second and only you get applied the misdemeanor at the third time.

Moms Demand and the rest have tried (unsuccessfully) to make it appear as if this is some sort of Open Carry For rent scheme. But the testimony of Rick Soskis is brutally bizarre. From stating that he has had a Florida CWP for thirty years but has not carried for 29 1/2 (why would you do that?)  to ask to be nice and open-minded and immediately crap down on 1.8 million Floridians with permits by calling them paranoid.

If I was suspicious man (and I am) I would almost bet that he copied the best rants of Saint Joan Peterson’s blog. He does sound like a True Believer who would have no problem to see your life ended if you favor the Second Amendment.

Of course, he gets to keep hiss CWP and his guns, because what other reason would you have a permit, right? It is not hypocrisy folks, at least not in their minds because they are your betters.


4 Replies to “The Very Strange Mind of a Gun Control Advocate.”

  1. Good Grief.

    ‘gun carnage’ is the tip off.
    I’ll bet he’s never had a CC permit and is lying through his teeth, but if he actually does have one, I’m of the opinion that he’s carried as long as he’s had it.

    Your Florida Laws are weird.
    In Missouri (we’re an open carry state, but “1st Class Cities” can ban it) the newest State law is that if you have a CCW permit, you can open carry in 1st Class cities.
    This was advertised basically to keep these few cities from nailing people who accidentally expose their CC guns but it was written much more broadly.

    1. Saying he has a CWP but not carrying because stupidity makes him look bad.

      Yes, Florida laws are weird. It comes from being the first Shall Issue State and all the compromises made to have the law passed back then when people were betting on total gun control. One of the things we lost was Open Carry and we have been patching many other little things, but it came with the territory.
      And the fact that 43 states I think, don’t quote me) are Shall Issue plus Constitutional Carry and all 50 states have Concealed Permits and knowing it all got started here kinda salves the wound of not being an OC state yet.

    2. One thing I like about NH is that cities have no authority to override state gun laws. None. They aren’t even allowed to modify the CCW paperwork in any way, for example by adding a requirement for fingerprints. And open carry was always unrestricted. Concealed carry is now also, since Constitutional Carry was adopted last year.

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