They are not ignorant, they just lie to the ignorant.

Salon is all SJW with the movie Black Panther.

Except as Brad Torgersen points out, they are not quite right.  For example, thirty-four years ago there was a very much front and center black hero who had the number one movie of the year:

Filmed with a production budget of $14 million, it went on to gross $316,360,478 or 22 times the initial expenses.
Black Panther’s production budget is reported to be $200 million and to do the same proportions as Beverly Hills Cop, it needs to gross $4.4 Billion. And you know what? I hope it does because it will mean it was an entertaining movie that everybody enjoyed and it was not a political Black Lives Matter rant.

But as first blockbuster with a black hero? Nope…


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    1. Budget:$2,000,000 (estimated). Gross USA: $24,379,978. It came at #11 for the year, but Sidney Poitier had two top movies that year the other being With Sir With Love (#7) done with a budget of $640,000 and grossed $42.3 million.

      That is $66 million gross income for the year.

      Go have fun and see how much are all the numbers in 2018 dollars.

      1. Actual Dollars (1/35 troy oz. fine gold or 1 troy oz, fine silver), or the folding fiat Federal Reserve (debt) Note bearing the word ‘dollar’ on it?

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