Greatness Defined by Bill Maher

The life expectancy in Haiti is 63.5 years and is ranked No. 148 in the world. 

Haiti has a literacy rate of 60.7%.

Haiti has a per capita GDP of  $729.30, and is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with 80% of the population in poverty.

More than 2% of Haiti’s population has HIV.

Haiti has a human development index score of 0.493 and is ranked No. 163.

The only think Haiti scores towards the top on is corruption, where it is 159 of 176 countries for most corrupt (the higher the number the more corrupt).

In Haiti’s capital of Port Au Prince, they don’t have a functioning sewer system, so workers haul away human shit from the streets by hand in buckets.

To be fair to Haiti, this puts it on par with San Francisco. 

According to Bill Maher, this means that Haiti is “Great Already.”

This is the same Bill Maher who on his show (which earned him a $6 million/year salary) said that Americans are stupid, America isn’t great, and when pressed, can’t help but mock America.

Bill Maher is the Colin Kaepernick of HBO.  He makes a huge salary to do nothing but suck and disrespect America, then explain why some HIV infected, illiterate, corrupt, third world, shithole – litter a place with puddles of shit in the streets – is better than America.  But they refuse to out of their multi million dollar mansions on the California coast.

I, and seemingly a substantial part of the rest of America, is tired of this bullshit.  Unfortunate there are enough hypocritical liberals who enjoy them shitting on America to keep these assholes rich for a long time.


3 Replies to “Greatness Defined by Bill Maher”

  1. Haiti must be great, after all the Clinton Foundation (Crime Family) funneled millions of dollars into Haiti (their own pocket) after the devastating earthquake. Oh yeah, I forgot, didn’t happen quite that way.

  2. “Do as I say not as I do” indeed.

    If Haiti is so great, Billy, why don’t you move there? If it so great as you portray it, you can even do your show remotely from downtown Port Au Prince!

    No? Didn’t think so you Californistan jackass.

    I’m still waiting for the disgusting Rosie O’Donnell and the insane Whoopi Goldberg to move to Canuckistan as they swore they would if Trump won. Well “ladies?” You’ve had a year to pack your shit and leave! Times a wasting!! GTFO!!!

    Ugh. Freaking deceifull left-coast hypocritical self-righteous douchebags all.

  3. Reports vary slightly, but a few quick google searches show that Bill Maher has a net worth of about $100 million USD and is earning a salary of about $10 million annually.

    Haiti has a GDP of about $8 billion USD, a population of about 11 million, and thus a GDP per capita of about $700 USD.

    Maher could give a mere $10 bucks to every man, woman, and child in Haiti. Raising their GDP significantly and still walk away with $10 million for himself.

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