Having with with people – Chinese Food Edition

When you find out that a person eating at a Chinese restaurant takes her fortune cookie fortune seriously and then her cookie doesn’t contain a fortune, what do you do?

The right answer is:

You tell her that it means she’s going to die soon.  If she had a future, she would have a fortune, so no fortune means no future.  It’s only logical.

Bonus points if you can get the other guys at the table to back you up on this like it is a well known fact.

4 Replies to “Having with with people – Chinese Food Edition”

  1. The night before my brother’s wedding, the groomsmen and groom went out for Chinese. One of the groomsmen didn’t have a fortune in his cookie. He disappeared that night and didn’t show up at the wedding. My brother didn’t hear from him again for over 15 years.

    When someone doesn’t get a fortune, I tell them it was nice knowing them.

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