And there is that ***hole trying to ruin the fun.

Saw this t-shirt in Facebook and it made me smile. hell I want one!

And then we have Johnny Social Justice Warrior to try and ruin the mood.

As you can see, he got a crapload of replies and most, if not all, not being very gracious at his attempt of Holier-Than-Thou. This one was  nice explanatory reply for the term.

And he is right. Out of the top of my head, I remember reading the terms gooks, and slopes. I was certain that there were more and I remembered this scene from hamburger Hill which is pretty illustrative.

This is Han. Those of you who are foolish will think of him as gook, slope, slant or dink. He is your enemy. He came over on the Chieu Hoi program. And he will go back there after he fattens on C-rations. And he will be hunting your young ass in the Ashau Valley. Now forget about this Viet Cong shit. What you’ll encounter out there is… hard core. NVA, north Vietnamese… motivated, highly trained and well equipped. lf you meet Han or his cousins, you will give him respect. And refer to those little bastards as the Nathaniel Victor. Meet ’em twice and survive, you will call him mister Nathaniel Victor.

At the time of Hamburger Hill, the Viet Cong had ceased to exist as the main fighting force in Vietnam. The Tet Offensive pretty much wiped them out and that allowed for the NVA to take over the fight.

One Reply to “And there is that ***hole trying to ruin the fun.”

  1. This is the internet now. Filled with keyboard commandos that cant wait to prove how smart they are. Bout time we start puttin them in their place. Kewl shirt,me want too.

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