Just stay there

This is the most racist thing I’ve seen this week.  It’s pretty bad.

WOW!  A retreat for black women to “get away from white people.”

Holy, shit, that is awful.

If I ran a vacation group that advertised:

“Take a vacation from black people on our white only retreats.  The music is pleasant and you won’t have to worry about securing your valuables because there will be nobody to steal them.”

I’d probably be burned alive.  That would be it.  It would be called a Klan rally or Nazi retreat or something like that.  No way would HBO and VICE treat it they way it treated this group of women.

“My blackness is…” is one of the most irritating phrases I’ve heard.  “Blackness” should not be a character defining characteristic.

“My whiteness is…” is a terribly racist sentiment, except maybe in the context “my whiteness is relevant to my qualities of a person.”  When “blackness” become a core descriptor of who you are, that’s a problem.  Ethno-identification leads to fractionation, not unity.  Just as Archduke Ferdinand about that.

The first woman interviewed shocked me.  I used to live in Omaha, actually Bellevue because Omaha has handgun registration, but I worked in Omaha.  “Nebraska nice” is real.  Nebraskans were the nicest people I’ve ever met.  Southerners have hospitality.  Hoosiers are polite.  But Nebraskans are nice.

I can’t claim to have that first woman’s “lived experience” but my Nebraska experience suggests the problem is her, not the people of Omaha.

The woman in the red bikini and blue braids was just openly prejudiced.  I happen to like my Trump tax cuts.  I also support his policy towards Israel and the UN.  I’m glad to know that she now assumes that I’m a racists and she can’t trust me on any level.

The owner of the retreat is just a bigot.  There is no other way of saying it than that.

I decided one day to eliminate black people from my personal life and ever since then my life has been way more breezy.”

See how awful that is?

She only gets worse, saying that “white people shouldn’t even have passports” because they do nothing but spread misery around wherever they go – “they’ve done enough damage.”

She is a radical, racist, black separatist/segregationist.

I can honestly say, I’mg glad that woman has moved to Costa Rica, and when she starts her little commune all those women decided to move there.

Not because they are black but because their attitude is harmful.  It is victicrat identity politics cranked to 11.

Welcome to Balkan American.


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  1. 7K downvotes vs. 3K upvotes on that video.

    This comment says a lot: “At the beginning she claims Omaha is segregated, and that she feels isolated. If Omaha is actually segregated, wouldn’t she only be around other black people? I also think its funny how they complain about segregation, while going off and segregated themselves with a black only community in COSTA FUCKIN RICA. Yeah talk about cultural appropriation huh?”


  2. “its funny how they complain about segregation, while going off and segregated themselves with a black only community”

    It’s not just funny, it is completely moronic & hypocritical. But hey, at least they *feel safe*. We all know libtards/sjw’s/snowflakes are all about the feeellzzz.



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