Media: “People hate us because Trump!”

No, we have an amazing amount of contempt for you because if garbage like this:

You assholes are literally celebrating one of the most brutal dictatorships on Earth just because you sick need to stick it to this administration. You are celebrating the people who arrested and tortured American tourist Otto Warmbier for 17 months and left him in a vegetative state before sending home to die.

You assholes are celebrating the country that is such a nasty shithole of a dictatorship that Ji Seong-ho had to escape in crutches to fucking China to survive.


You are cheerleading for the sister of an asshole who has the children of the country he is running dying by the truckload of starvation.

So dear Media People, tell us why we should adore you? You make up stories and side with genocidal families because the people in fly-over country had the guts to upset the apple cart and have somebody you did not approve elected as President of the country.

Only one Media stood up and reminded the lot that what they were doing was wrong:

Dear New York Times et all: When Buzzfeed literally sets a much higher moral bar than you, the “serious” media, you know you have descended to the bottom of the political sewer.



2 Replies to “Media: “People hate us because Trump!””

  1. This is nothing new, though. The media has be “celebrating” banana republic and Iron Curtain backed dictators since the Reagan administration. When he dared to call the Soviets “an evil empire” the media had to go find their fainting couches. The media have long been standing up for the wrong side of history.

  2. Left wing propaganda outlets kept commenting that she was “glaring” at Pence. I’d bet she’s probably never seen someone his age in person who’s strong and healthy and is mesmerized.

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