The Olympics and the NFL

The Olympics delegation is supposed to represent America to the word.

Boy-howdy is it doing that in spades this year.

Back in Rio in 2016, the US Olympic delegation selected Michael Phelps to be their flag bearer.  Why?  Because it was his last Olympics before retiring, he was hugely popular, and he had won the most medals of any Olympic athlete in history.  He was a winner and the pride of America’s summer team.

There were people there who though that Ibtihaj Muhammad should have been the flag bearer.  Why?  Because… she was the first Muslim woman to compete while wearing a Hijab.  She’d never won an Olympic medal before, because this was her first Olympics.  She was pretty much unknown to the American people.  She is also an Israel hater.

But she’s Muslim and that better count for something in the current year (of 2016).  So when Phelps was picked for flag bearer, CNN thought that Phelps should have passed the honor to Muhammad because he’s a rich white man and she’s a Muslim woman.

Muhammad got her revenge through, by saying how “she didn’t feel safe” in America – the same country that paid for her training and sent her to the Olympics – because of anti-Muslim sentiment.  She lost the vote for flag bearer, she needed more victim status.

It was embarrassing is what it was.  In 2016, the Olympics was still about the success of the athletes.  But social justice was closing in on its heels fast.

Only two years and the election of Donald Trump later, the Olympics have become a social justice shit show to make the 2017-2018 NFL season look like and episode of All In The Family.

The only thing I know about the 2018 winter team is how diverse it is.  Fuck if I know how good they are or if we are favored to win any medals.

Erin Hamlin and Shani Davis were both nominated to be flag bearer.  Hamlin is retiring this after this Olympics so this is her last chance to bear the flag.  Davis is the first black athlete to medal in the winter games.  The vote was a tie.  They flipped a coin, which is according to the rules.  Hamlin won.

Davis decided to boycott the opening ceremony and not come out with the rest of the US team.   He pissed and moaned to the media how it’s Black History Month and he should have be picked over a white woman 

Now Jesse “Hymietown” Jackson has gotten involved and wants a more social justice way of picking future flag bearers.

Who gives a shit about the skills or appeal of the athletes anymore.  We have officially made the Olympic flag bearing pick an oppression Olympics.  Great.

If 2016 was embarrassing, this is God damn embarrassing.

What else do I know about the Olympics before they even started?

Oh yeah, openly gay figure skater (which is a redundant statemnt) Adam Rippon decided to snub a meeting with Vice President Mike Pence.  This was over Rippon believing the myth that Pence funded gay conversion electroshock therapy.  Woopie Goldberg on The View backed Rippon in this saying that it would be like a Jew meeting with a Nazi.  Because we all know that Pence ordered gays be dragged from their beds at night and taken in box cars to death camps where there were gassed.  Oh wait, that never happened either.

Fellow gay athlete Gus Kenworthy decided to send a Tweet to the 1992 Winter Olympics.

Who. The. Fuck. Cares?

I’ve been hearing this since 1991.  Will and Grace is in its 9th season.  Being openly gay is so mainstream it’s boring.  If you want media attention for your non-conforming sexuality you need to be a transgender, kindergarten, drag queen.

I have no idea what event Kenworthy is competing in, but I know what his sexual proclivities are.  I guess if he fails to win a medal he can fall back on victim status to get TV interviews when he returns to the US.

Thanks Olympics.  You are off to a disinterring start.

Fast forward the Olympics actually starting.  No more pregame show, this is the real event.

The Left, never having met a Communist dictator they didn’t love, immediately fell in love with Kim Yo-jong, Kim Jong Un’s younger sister, and the North Korean Minster of Propaganda and Agitation.

She gave VP Pence a dirty look and they all went “Squeeeeee!”

CNN decided to go full Walter Duranty on her.

You’d think it was Trump and Pence that were starving millions of their people to death, imprisoning countless Americans in work camps, torturing American citizens, and that the Kim family was standing up against that.  But since these are Progressives, the defenders of Freedom are bad and the mass murdering tyrants are cool.

The North and South Korean teams came in united as one.

Pence did not stand for the united team.  I don’t blame him.  Over 33,000 Americans were killed and 90,000 Americans were wounded helping South Korea from being “united” by Kim Il Sung.  We still spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year to defend South Korea from the North.  A united team is a thumb in our eye.

Personally, I’ll never own a Hyundai, so after that I wouldn’t care if Trump pulled our troops out of South Korea.  Fuck ’em.  Let’s see how the South Koreans and their $30,000 per capita GDP like having their economy redistributed by the NORKs and their $700 per capita GDP.  Maybe a little starvation will make them more appreciative of our sacrifice.

The Left jumped on Pence for being a “hypocrite” for not standing.

This from a United States Senator.

Then from the peanut gallery.

A multi millionaire black man, raised in a privileged white household, took a knee protesting the National Anthem of a nation that gave him the opportunity to succeed, on a social justice crusade is exactly the same thing as the Vice President not respecting the Olympic team of a tyrannical dictatorship that has threatened the United States with nuclear attack.

To the unthinking, Trump hating, Left, of course it is.

The media’s desire to take Kim Jong Un balls deep didn’t end with the dictator’s sister.  There was nothing but fawning for the entire show that the country put on.

We can’t forget Duranty’s own New York Times.  If you thought they loved Stalin, just wait until you see how much they love NORK dictatress glaring at Pence.

A woman who has ordered the mass murder of her own people is charming.  A mild mannered VP and former Governor from Indiana is the evil one.

Michel Moore, who for some reason thinks he is still relevant, got a very tiny and impossible for him to see, boner over what we saw as an anti Trump opening ceremony.

The whole thing so far has been a total dumpster fine of progressive honesty.

The very people who should be representing the best of America can’t focus on winning Medals because they are busy in front of the camera wanting victim points for racist coin flips and their penchants for man-on-man ass fucking.

The media has demonstrated their absolute love for despotism.  Knowing deep in their hearts that being propagandists for despots is easier and more financially rewarding than actual journalism.  You can’t be called “fake news” by the leader when Dear Leader is feeding you the news, and if someone else calls you “fake news”  Dear Leader will send his secret police to have them shot.

NORK Ministry of Propaganda: America sucks, North Korea is awesome, we hate Trump/Pence, and a united Korea is great.  

US Liberal Media: Hold Our Beers!

In a way, this cluster fuck is an honest representation of America, this is the best that deep Blue, Progressive America has to offer.

I’d say I can’t wait until this is over, but then I’m going to be hammered by every media outlet with interviews from our strongest and fastest gayest and blackest how how discriminated against they feel in America and how great it was being that close to North Korea.

Maybe for the 2020 Olympics we should send two delegations, one from “Trump’s America” and the other from “Progressive America” so at least those of us who are proud of our country and care about actually winning on merit and effort, can be represented too.

9 Replies to “The Olympics and the NFL”

    1. Simpson’s had the best take on that: “We are! You do this every year!”

      My response is: “You’re here, you’re queer. We’re sick of it.”

  1. The difference between Pence and Koperneck?

    Pence is a politician, someone whose job is to make political statements.

    The other guy? Not his job.

  2. “A multi millionaire black man, …, took a knee protesting the National Anthem … is exactly the same thing as the Vice President not respecting the Olympic team of a tyrannical dictatorship …”
    Not quite. In their view, what Pence did is worse, much worse. Remember, they *approve* of Kapernick. They feel that disrespecting the US is fine, but disrespecting North Korea is unacceptable.

  3. In the last couple of days I was thinking I hadn’t watched a minute of the Olympics. Now I’m glad I didn’t waste my time. Don’t think I’ll be watching any of it.

    1. If it is not the snowboard, it is the skating or even worse: tossing that stone and moping the floor in front of it.
      Boring does not begin to describe it.
      They had about 45 seconds of biathlon and that was it. It has them yucky guns so they don’t linger

  4. “I’d say I can’t wait until this is over, but then I’m going to be hammered by every media outlet with interviews from our strongest and fastest gayest and blackest how how discriminated against they feel in America and how great it was being that close to North Korea.”

    If and only if you actually watch (or listen to) that selfsame media. And, I don’t. If The darling Wife did not insist upon it (so she could watch Blue Bloods), we would not have a television in the house.

  5. Im so glad i dont watch tv. Sad world the left is making. Rush is right-where ever there is liberals it is sukky miserey. Buncha whiners. Boo hoo hoo. “ click” screen goes dark.

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