Gas Station Advertising.

I meant those cards you see people leave at the pump offering all kinds of very local goods and services, from handimen, house cleaning, home cooked meals, mobile car repair shop, “authentic Gucci belts for $30, how to lose 100 pounds in 2 weeks (does not work, don’t ask me how), landscaping, etc.

This gentleman here under the name of Mr. Grim 2 Da Reapa called my attention for his version of the Anarchist Cookbook he is holding. Kinda looks different from the one we knew back in the other century. As for his music, he has one song titled “Legalize it” and I will remain with Peter Tosh’s version if you don’t mind being an old fart and stuff.

Here is to  Mr. Grim 2 Da Reapa‘s best of luck. I know the music business is hard and unloving most of the time. May he succeed.


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