Please STFU about that comparison

Joy Reid went on some stupid Tweet storm about Trump and ICE and a quota conspiracy or some shit like that.

Her stupid, Liberal followers decided they were going to use this to double down on the Trump = Hitler position they’ve taken.

All I can say to this is FUCK YOU!

How fucking dare you!?!

Jews had lived in Germany and Poland for generations and hundreds of years, going back to the Middle Ages.  Jews were not considered German or Polish citizens because of racial purity laws.

For the hundreds of years that Jews lived Germany or Poland, there were no violent street gangs of Jews terrorizing German and Polish citizens to maintain a criminal empire.

Groups of Jews were not stabbing and dismembering Germans in parks.  The Jewish communities in Germany were not involved in murder, human trafficking, drug dealing, violence, and intimidation.

Jews weren’t costing German and Polish taxpayers tens and hundreds of billions of dollars in various goverment programs.

I know you Liberals love to pull out the “first they came for the …” poem every time you want to bash a Republican, but this is really fucking insulting.

There is no parallel between illegal aliens violating the law to come to American and then violating the law while in America and law abiding German Jews who had lived in Germany for centuries but weren’t citizens because of their race.

Fuck you all for comparing the Jews to MS-13 and other illegal immigrant criminal activity.




11 Replies to “Please STFU about that comparison”

    1. Well, first you start with a group of people completely ignorant of all facts. Then you starve their brains of oxygen until permanent brain damage begins to set in. Then “educate” them with Hollywood and TV and set them to talking to each other and only each other.

      In a few years you get modern progressives.

  1. I was puzzled by “I wish I could leave the USA”. My answer is: “You can. Go right ahead. This isn’t North Korea.”
    The real answer is “but I don’t *waaaaaant* to”. For that, the correct answer is indeed STFU. Or HTFU.

  2. My great great grandmother was killed at Bergen-Belson, so don’t lecture me about the camps. That’s why my grandparents and great grandparents came to America, to make sure it never happens to us again, so excuse me for being vigilant over the rights of the people and due process for all. My family suffered more at the hands of the Nazis than you will ever understand. Most immigrants, even undocumented immigrants, are NOT MS-13, they are ordinary people who are willing to sell everything for the chance for a better life. I am not a leftist or a rightist. I am a moderate, it’s just that you can’t see that from how far over the right horizon you are. American’s DON’T want immigrants persecuted because we ARE a nation of immigrants, even YOUR people must have come here at some time and probably they were hated and reviled by the good old boys who were jealous of their goal orientation and hard work. You have nothing to be afraid of it some people in the US speak Spanish or if they don’t have blond hair and blue eyes, they aren’t out to get you, your job (if you have one) or anything you own. They just want a better life. There is no reason to take their children and put them in camps. Yes, there is an asshole here, and it’s you.

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