Remember that ATF White Paper that went nowhere?

CNN has found, much to their horror that an expert was called.

The white paper was produced by Acting ATF Deputy Director Ronald B. Turk and dated on President Trump’s inauguration day, January 20, 2017. It says the agency should consider allowing gun dealers to sell across state lines, loosen restrictions on gun noise suppressors, and pull back on its scrutiny of gun shops.
“If I am missing the mark on a major issue or disregarding a major discussion point any feedback you have would be appreciated,” Turk wrote to the lobbyist, Mark Barnes, on January 9, 2017. “My hope is that the agency can demonstrate flexibility where appropriate and identify areas for further discussion, recognizing that solving everyone’s concerns on each side would be difficult.”
The documents on the drafting of the white paper, as provided by the ATF, do not reflect any input from gun-control groups.

Exclusive: Gun lobbyist helped write ATF official’s proposal to deregulate

Of course, they are all excited/scared and getting stuff wrong on purpose (You thought I was gonna say they lied as usual, didn’t you?”

Although the finalized white paper was leaked last year to the Washington Post, it was not known that Barnes — a lawyer who has lobbied for the National Rifle Association, a gun show trade group, and gun manufacturers — had helped draft it in the first place.

Some thing are just chock-full of common sense: You are sick, you go to a doctor. Your car is not running, you take it to a mechanic. Your sink leaks, you call a plumber. So who are you supposed to call about guns and the law? According to CNN, not a Gun Layer or anybody related with the NRA.

However, after Sandy Hook, the Obama administration sent ATF agents to help Senator Feinstein and the Gun Control Groups around her to come up with the new Assault Weapons Ban bill and CNN had no problems at all.


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