The Comparison: A Thought.

At the risk of pissing J. Kb. even more on the Hitler = Trump Comparison thing, allow me to add my two Bolivares in: I also figure it is a very subtle way to create the new generation of Holocaust Deniers.

If you have enough people believing that Trump = Hitler because of the deportations, but the only thing they see is that the Illegals are being fed, checked out and then sent back to Mexico or other countries in buses and airplanes and they get to return to do their shit here again and again,, people will start to wonder if packing Jews into box cars and then executing them ever really happened or it is just an exaggeration of the Alt Right and the Zionists to deprive the Palestinians of the lands they owned since the Earth was formed.

Besides, we all know Hitler was a Vegetarian, loved kids and animals. Certainly he was better than Trump!

Years ago. that would be considered stupid to even think. Nowadays? I would not be surprised if CNN goes with it sometime by the summer.

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  1. “…Hitler was a Vegetarian, loved kids and animals.”

    Although a lot of effort went into covering it up for public consumption, it appears he loved children a little too much (at least teen aged girls.)

    He also “loved” teen aged boys so much that he sent them against the hardened combat veterans of the Red Army in a hopeless last ditch stand.

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