Trying to appease only encourages them…

… and they eat themselves.

Black Panther is the ultimate SJW movie according to the Social Justice Warriors. A movie with strong Black leading role?

And we were warned by the Intelligentsia that any dislike to the movie would not be tolerated.


Ahem… it seem that the movie did not pass muster with other qualified minorities and therefore is disappointing. Gizmodo let us know why:

It seems that there are two lesbian characters in the story that were not given time to fully explore their relationship and inspire others in the film.

Now, since the writer of the article is black, I wonder if he will be tagged with the racist hot brand across his chest?

You gotta love Social Justice Warriors.

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3 Replies to “Trying to appease only encourages them…”

  1. What is really silly is that my favorite super hero movies are Blade and Blade II. So, I don’t want to hear their bullshit about first this and that and racist this and that. The concept of Black Panther, a isolationist nation pulls an Atlantis and ends up with better tech anyone else is something that nominally appeals to me. Seems a pulpy setting ripe to have Tarzan show up to help Black Panther murder every Kraut in Africa. But all this pandering, politicization, & general SJW fuckery kills it for me.

  2. As some people voted for Obama strictly because of his skin color, so to shall those same people go see this trite movie. First off, it’s a super hero movie, and that genre has been completely over saturated, so you just know this is going to be horrible. And the louder the SJW’s scream “you’re a racist if you don’t love this movie!” is just more proof that it’s got to be the worst thing to come out in years.

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