60 Minutes is part of the Fake News problem

Last week, 60 Minutes did a bit on national concealed carry reciprocity.

This is the promo, I can’t embed the whole 14 minute video, but is it available on the CBS website.

The whole video was just like the promo.  It was half-truths, deceit, and condescending urban Blue State elitism.

If you are allowed to carry a gun in Wyoming (picture of a faceless rancher’s gun and ass), you can carry it on any street in America (picture of New York City).

Oh NO!!!  Those backwards, flyover country bumpkins are going to be able to carry in New York City!!!

Conservative rural states like Arizona and West Virginia allow almost anyone to carry a loaded firearm in public, while in urban states and big cities, it can be a felony.

Yes, Wyoming and West Virginia are constitutional carry states, but prohibited persons are still banned from gun possession.  Arizona requires a fingerprint background check to obtain a permit.

Watching 60 Minutes you might get the impression a person can walk out of prison, buy a gun, tuck it in his pants, and be on his merry, legal way.

This is the handgun counter at Van’s Sporting Goods outside Jackson, Mississippi, a state with the fourth highest gun fatality rate in the country and some of the weakest gun laws.

Pretty much anyone 18 years of age and not a convicted felon can carry one of these concealed weapons here in their pocket, their pants or their purse for self-defense against muggers, carjackers and other assailants.

If the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act becomes law, they’ll be able to carry them legally across state lines and onto the streets of any city in America. 

Oh NO!!!  Those backwards, flyover country bumpkins are going to be able to carry in New York City!!!

Mississippi’s homicide rate is (mostly) the fault of the Jackson metropolitan area.  Jackson, MS, is up there with New Orleans, Detroit, and Baltimore for dangerous cities.

What is the common thread?  Lax gun laws?  Nope.

A very high (black) poverty and unemployment rate combined with gang violence and drug dealing.

But have no fear, 60 Minutes won’t mention that at all.

But there is fierce opposition to it in places like California, where there are strict gun laws and concealed carry permits are difficult to obtain. It’s one of eight states that generally require thorough background checks, at least some firearms training and a proven need to carry a handgun. In another 30 states, it’s easier to get a concealed carry permit and in many of those, there’s no requirement to be proficient in the use of firearms. A dozen states have no requirements at all.

It’s not that California’s training requirements are too difficult or that they have very high standards.  It’s that California doesn’t think the Second Amendment belongs in the constitution and is a may issue state.  The Sheriff’s are given the discretion to issue permits and in most of California the answer is “No and fuck you for asking.”  It’s not safety, it’s tyranny.

Someone who lives in Nevada, who’s able to carry a loaded, concealed weapon in Nevada could now bring that loaded gun into Los Angeles, into San Francisco, and carry their loaded weapon, even though in San Francisco that’s not someone who would get a permit.

NIMBY.  Not In My Back Yard.  That is all that is.  I’ve traveled all over this country.  Is there some reason that Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York is any different than Las Vegas, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Miami, Orlando, Pheonix, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Nashville, Atlanta, or any other major city with a urban center in a shall issue or constitution carry state?

Of course not.

Hell, even Chicago got dragged kicking and screaming into allowing concealed carry and there has been no problem of Chicagoans with CCWs shooting each other over nothing.

But Los Angels, San Francisco, and New York City are arrogant.  They are “special” and that means the laws that cover most of the rest of America shouldn’t apply to them.  They are the Liberal Elite.

To blue state liberals who favor gun control, it may sound like a right-wing fantasy but to the National Rifle Association, which contributed $30 million dollars to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and claims credit for his victory, it’s their top legislative priority. And with midterm elections this year, nothing is taken for granted. In 2013, a similar bill failed by just three votes.


As proof of injustice, the NRA and other gun rights advocates use the case of Shaneen Allen as ammunition.

In 2013, while driving from Philadelphia to Atlantic City, New Jersey, the single mother and mugging victim was pulled over with a pistol in her purse and a valid concealed carry permit from her home state of Pennsylvania.

What she didn’t know is that New Jersey didn’t recognize Pennsylvania’s concealed carry permit. So this single mom who had never had a run-in with the law spent almost two months in jail and was facing ten years in prison because she’d crossed that state line.

Pretty much that is the fear of every CCW owner.  It’s not irrational.  Do you know what states honor what permits when taking a road trip to see the Grand Canyon or Mt. Rushmore?  Hint: Nebraska and Illinois are pretty reserved when it comes to reciprocity.  Be careful in Arizona where driving on certain highways puts you on Indian land and although Arizona may recognize your CCW, the tribe won’t.

Having one standard that every state and jurisdiction adheres to is a great way of keeping people who do not want to become criminals from accidentally becoming criminals.  That’s how the law SHOULD work in America.

The large constituency for this message is a long way from the New Jersey Turnpike, in the red states that stretch from the Carolinas through the mountains of the far west. It is the political fault line of regional and cultural differences that split the country and guns are one of the triggers. They’re woven into the culture here, passed down from generation to generation in rural, remote parts of the country where dialing 911 does not always bring immediate help. To people here, whether they’re single mothers worried about robbers and rapists while driving their kids across state lines to soccer matches, or ranchers worried about rattlesnakes, guns are a security blanket of self-reliance and protection that keep them safe.

It’s not just remote parts of the country where police don’t respond immediately.  Most of Los Angeles has over 10 minutes of response time.  the NYPD is also getting slower in its response time.

Having traveled the country, it is often the places where I can’t carry a gun that I’ve wished I’ve had one the most.

But in most big cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and New York,  guns are a cause of fear and concern, not comfort. And law enforcement has lined up against strangers from far away places walking around their cities with loaded guns in violation of their own laws.

So the LA/NYC counter argument is “guns are scary.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance and New York City Police Commissioner James O’Neill say their city has the most to lose. Every year, New York takes in nearly 50 million visitors from all over the country into a congested, sometimes chaotic city. Even if a tiny fraction were legally carrying concealed weapons, it would mean hundreds of thousands of additional guns for what is right now the safest big city in America.

Cy Vance is a tyrant, and despite his prejudice, we bumpkins from the South and Mid West aren’t going to start shooting up his city when we visit it as tourists.

You bring that kind of volume of firepower even with well-intentioned people– it’s gonna be extremely dangerous.


They’re not just worried about more crime, but an increase in suicides, gun accidents and heated arguments turning into lethal altercations. And with no national database for concealed carry permits, the NYPD says it would not be able to immediately determine whether someone was legally carrying or not.

This is not a problem anywhere else in the country.  The “there will be blood in the streets” argument has been proven false.

Also, if you want to know if someone is carrying legally, ask to see the person’s permit.  Does the NYPD not know basic police work done in 38 other states?  Even constitutional carry states issue permits for people who want to travel and carry their guns.

Right now we– we have a good idea of– of who’s carrying guns. If this law passes, the– all bets are off. Anybody can come into New York City from any state and– and carry a weapon.

They don’t have a good idea or they wouldn’t have had “stop and frisk.”

I wouldn’t presume to tell the residents of West Virginia what their gun laws should be. They’ve figured out what they want there. But I don’t think they, or Congress, should be having West Virginia’s laws put on New York City.

Bullshit.  Michael Bloomberg tries to tell the rest of the nation what their gun laws should be.  As mayor of NYC, he spend NYPD money to sent NYPD officers to Arizona to try and sting a gun show.  Fuck this guy.

Also, the “right to keep and bear arms” is part of the Constitution.  The rest of us just want NYC to obey the law of the land as the rest of the nation interprets it.

The central tenet of Concealed Carry Reciprocity is that the Second Amendment gives people the right to carry guns anywhere they want but that idea is more aspiration than factual.

We just want constitution applied everywhere equally.

Absolutely not. In fact, the Supreme Court has ruled on the Second Amendment in 2008. And what the Supreme Court said is that you have a right to have a handgun in your home for self-defense. And it absolutely does not include a right to carry a loaded, concealed weapon in public. And right up until the Supreme Court says it is your right, that is a fallacy that they’re pushing, in the hopes that it will become the truth. But it simply isn’t the truth as of right now.

That’s because SCOTUS has been a bunch of pussies on this issue.  The 7th Circuit Court said the RTKBA meant concealed carry in Moore v. Madigan.

If SCOTUS did address this, I’m sure they would agree on that.  What they need to do is pull an Obergefell and force concealed carry everywhere.

As in almost all political arguments today, each side comes equipped with alternative facts and opposition research, allowing people to believe whatever they want. The NRA claims the only way to stop bad guys with guns is to have more good guys with guns — it will make people safer…and its facts, as recited by representative Hudson of North Carolina, claim it’s working.

“Alternative facts” from the people who resent being called “fake news” for their biased and partisan bullshit.

The goal is, of the gun lobby, to have what they call Constitutional Carry, which means that you– anyone can have a gun, anywhere, anytime. Because the Constitution, and the Second Amendment, in their view, says that. And so the world that they imagine is one where everyone can have a gun. That’s not the world that I think I wanna live in. But that’s the world that I think they’re tryin’ to create.

Whether people like it or not, that world already exists in many parts of the country where people are quite happy with it and so are their representatives in Congress. It’s expected that just a handful of votes in the U.S. Senate will decide whether it becomes the law of the land.

Welcome to America, come on in, the Freedoms are fine.

The whole story here is nothing but “we big Blue cities are special and we don’t want those people, the flyover riffraff to come here with their scar guns.”

I want national concealed carry reciprocity for two reasons.  Primarily, so I can travel freely throughout the country.  I want the freedom promised to me by the Constitution.

I also know that in the age of Trump, this will break so many of the big Blue elitists.

I know that when they think of outside NYC or LA this is what they think we’re all related to Cletus the Slack Jaw Yokel.  The idea of us being allowed to carry in their precious cities, even if we never visit, would be a huge kick in the teeth.  After years and years of suffering the slings and arrows of their condescension, this will we sweet.

There is nothing that Democrats hate more than being told by Republicans that the people they (the Democrats) think they are better than have civil liberties too.




3 Replies to “60 Minutes is part of the Fake News problem”

  1. “It was half-truths, deceit, and condescending urban Blue State elitism.”

    And this is a surprise to you? 😉

    Remember what she did recently (several times) and is still considered a “journalist?”


    And she’s just one of the many who do this on a daily basis. They’re just puppets of the libtard MiniTrue.

    Real journalism is dead. Has been for at least 30+ years if not more.

  2. Here in Virginia bloomberg sent his goons to entrap local gun shops, it resulted in years of lawsuits putting some out of business while one guy Bob Moats stood up to the billions of dollars brought to bear against him and won. He is still in business. I also noticed that the spokes it for giffords tried to claim that because SCOTUS ruled we have a right to arms at home that the ruling magically forbids arms out side of the home. Its that kind of twisted mentality that makes the gun control cultists so dangerous, that and their penchant for violence.

  3. Man, these people would probably flip shit if they actually knew about LEOSA and how low the firearms standards are for some departments

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