Parkland School Shooting.

We all know Gun Free Zones do not work. It has been established since Columbine.

So we addressed the Florida Legislature. Let parents and teachers be armed and with concealed weapons permits to enter schools. They said no.

We asked them to allow selected volunteer teachers to receive training and be armed. They said no again.

Back when the Sandy Hook shooting happened, only one-third of Schools in the US had armed security. Today? Still two-thirds of schools do not have a School Resource Officer. The NRA proposed to allow retired police and military to have guns and secure our schools. Good guys to stop bad guys: They laughed at them, at us.

The same people who denied extra protection for our schools are desperately seeking a TV camera to express their outrage at the shooting, even though they were the ones that allowed a known dangerous 19-year-old walking in a school and shoot kids unopposed.

Again unopposed, Nick Cruz (former student who had threatened students, had a prohibition to come into the school and teachers were warned about him) came inside Stoneman Douglass High School , murdered 17 students, shot a pack-load more  and walked out again. Nobody stopped him, nobody even could do a thing because legally, they were not allowed to stop a murdering bastard.

Get ready. We will get the usual NRA-hating press with the shit talks about the AR 15 and the usual tap dancing in blood by the Gun Control Groups. But make no mistake: this spilled blood, this lives that were cut short by somebody they were warned about, the fault for all this lands squarely on the heads of the Florida Legislators and the Legislators in D.C. that could have done something but did not. They could have allowed real security in our schools, but they refused to trust the most Law Abiding section of the US population.

And I am planning on letting them know. Here is the first one.

Senator Flores, you were adulterous screwing your fellow Gun Control Senator and maybe because sexual satisfaction, you decided to follow his example and block gun bills. Who knows? Maybe one of those bill could had placed an armed teacher or parent at the school and this tragedy might had not been as big and as heart breaking.

It is fitting that you are standing next to Moms Demand’s Michelle Gadja, all dressed in blood-red and she is also an accomplice of these killings. You two looks rather well together for being a couple of supporters of Mass Murders.




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