Apparently Florida Teachers Are Too Stupid.

The date of the article is June 23, 2017. While other states are taking measures to harden schools against Mass Murderers, Florida teachers are considered to be too stupid or too mechanical disinclined to properly manipulate a weapon and defend the kids under their care.


If someone begins shooting at the students or staff at Fleming K-12 School in northeast Colorado, football coach and bus driver Scott Muller wants to be ready to shoot back.

“Something like this is nothing you want to do,” Muller said during a break from the active-shooter training course he took this week. “But anybody who wants to protect kids, they will take something like this on.”

After all, said Muller, it’s unlikely help would be nearby if someone attacked Fleming School, about 20 miles east of Sterling. The local sheriff told him “they are so far out they won’t be able to respond in time to do much. It will be pretty much left up to someone at the school to do something.”

Muller is among 17 teachers and administrators from five mostly rural counties who received  intensive training this week on how to prevent — or at least minimize — a mass shooting at their schools, many of which are in far-flung areas where it would take law enforcement up to 30 minutes to respond.

Colorado teachers, administrators train to take offensive against active shooter

But hey, don’t worry, them magical Gun Free Zone signs will keep your kid safe at school. Right?

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