Bureaucrat Translation


“We at the FBI really didn’t give a shit.  Nobody thought this threat was real enough to do any actual work to prevent it.

We learned that after dropping the ball on the San Bernardino shooters, Tsarnev brothers, and Ahmad Rahami, it doesn’t matter how bad we fucked it, we can’t get fired.

Besides, we were too busy trying to deflect accusations of corruption because of our agents’ philandering and political biases, to extricate our thumbs from out asses and do something useful.”

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  1. Nicely done here J. Kb. Congratulations, you have pulled a Lefty stunt of trying to paint the Mona Lisa with a broad brush. And about as effective I would add.

    1. Do you want a less snarky answer?

      The FBI is like all other law enforcement agencies. Many of the people who work there are good people, who want to do a good job. The higher up you go in the organisation, the more political people get. It’s call the Iron Law of Bureaucracy. I’ve written about that before.

      Most patrol cops are practical about crime, the police chiefs appointed by mayors all tow the political line.

      The FBI is bigger and based in DC so it is going to be even more political at the top. This is a management issue that causes a cultural problem in the agency.

      Why has the FBI missed several high profile incidents where people were reported, sometimes interviewed, and then committed mass casualties? I’ve documented several of these. Because I think a culture has been created in the FBI by politicized management that causes people to be less the effective at their jobs.

      Stopping a school shooting before it starts isn’t something CNN will cover for days. Getting involved in #Resistance is.

      I know people who work for NASA. They are good engineers. Still, there was #RogueNASA that came out against Trump and NASA people who fudged data on climate change. NASA became politicized.

      That is the problem. Bad management creating a bad agency culture that causes the ball to be dropped.

      1. On that we don’t disagree. My point to you was you painted the FBI with a broad brush and that broad brush colors everyone. And not everyone deserves it. And yes, there are FBI agents that never go to DC and stay in the same city or town for decades (the trenches) and are as solid as the day is long.

        The FBI deals with literally thousands and thousands of threats every year. They get looked at and assessed and dealt with taking in a multitude of factors. Sometimes those threats don’t pan out. Sometimes the actors may mean what they said at the time but recant later. Sometimes they are drunk or stoned blowhards. Sometimes they turn out to be juveniles doing juvenile things. I suspect that this was the case with this clown. The FBI rarely gets involved in juvenile crimes and generally passes these on to their state and local partners.

        Do you honestly think that the FBI should man up an around the clock surveillance team(s) along with the necessary attendant electronic surveillance (telephones, cells, computers, etc) and financials on EVERY threat that comes up on radar? You ready for a million plus man FBI agent army? You willing to forfeit your paychecks for the foreseeable future to help pay for that?

        I understand the frustration. I don’t understand the knee jerk spewage from someone normally a bit more thoughtful. That makes you no different than the Brady Bunches and the Everytowners.

        And you have really no idea how many threats are disrupted and dismantled by the FBI as well as other agencies and departments along the way – every year.

        Nah…it’s just easier to take a crap on everyone and stroll away from the stink.

        1. The FBI’s “mistakes” seem always to be in the direction that gives excuses for tyranny. Where are the good FBI agents investigating the Lois Lerners and Sally Yates types? Why hasn’t the FBI swept up the feral prosecutors who apparently hide exculpatory evidence as a matter of course?

          Plus, they didn’t make any mistakes in Garland, Texas. They provided an escort for jihadis to shoot people exercising their rights.

          1. Whose evidence do you think those Federal Prosecutors are hiding?

            The FBI and the prosecutors worked together to hide the exculpatory evidence in the Cliven Bundy case. Same with Senator Ted Stevens, who was found innocent years AFTER he lost his senate election. That’s two off the top of my head.

  2. The key question is why these reports aren’t sent to the local police or Sheriff. There are two benefits to that: (1) political accountability (especially with the Sheriff) and (2) those agencies are authorized by the Constitution.

    1. If I had seen that same comment on YouTube there would be no way for me to identify the location of the commenter. What good would it have done if I contacted my local police or state troopers (we don’t have Sheriffs)? I can’t get farther away from Florida and still be in the US. They would just contact the FBI, if anything.

  3. From the first National Treasure movie:

    [Agent Hendricks clears his throat]

    Sadusky: Yes, Agent Hendricks, you’ve got something?

    Agent Hendricks: Um…

    Sadusky: This isn’t a day for “Um.”

    Agent Hendricks: We received a tip a few days ago that someone was going to steal the Declaration of Independence.

    Sadusky: [nodding] Do we have a name on the tipster?

    Agent Hendricks: Uh, there was no file opened. We didn’t find the information credible.

    Sadusky: [beat] How about now?

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