Florida: Time to pester your Legislature.

I am sure the Democrats in Tallahassee are wasting no time writing or dusting bills to curtail our 2A rights. We need to fight back ASAP. We need to get the 2014 SB 968 back and this time approved for the Governor’s signature.

“School Safety; Providing an exception to a prohibition on possession of firearms or other specified devices on school property or in other specified areas for authorized concealed weapon or firearm licensees as designated by school principals or district superintendents; requiring a school district board to formulate policies and procedures for managing active-shooter and hostage situations; requiring a district school board or private school principal to allow for campus tours by local law enforcement agencies once every 3 years, etc. “

I sent this quick email to Senators Negron and Steube  since they are the President of the Senate and Head of the Judiciary respectively, and also to Senator Rene Garcia who is my local senator.  Use the Senator Finder to locate yours. I also added Senator Dorothy L. Hukill since she is he head of the Education committee and the bill died in there, it was not even brought up for discussion.

My representative is Jose R. Oliva and he was also contacted regarding the same bill. You can use the Find Your Representative link to write to yours.

Here is the text I sent, some changes were made according to the person.

Four years ago, a bill was brought to the legislature to allow teachers and approved personnel to train and carry guns in schools in order to fight back when a Mass Murderer attacked.
2014 session – SB 968 by Senator Hays need to be brought back and passed to send to Governor Scott for signing ASAP.

It is time to harden schools up the right way. No more silly Gun Free Zone signs, there is no kumbaya possible when a killer is murdering kids.

OK folks, get going.

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  1. Senator Dorothy L. Hukill is my state senator. Sent an email to both her and my state House Rep asking them to repeal Government-mandated Predator Hunting Ground and Defenseless Victim Enclosures. Probably made the email too long, but I’m getting pissed at their weaselly stupidity and tacit support for this crap.

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