Marriage advice for the media

The Washington Post sent this out because “democracy dies in darkness.”

It was written by WaPo writer Emily Heil.

It seems that Ms. Heil is an unmarried woman in her early 40’s.  This article explains why.

I admit that I am no marriage expert, but after 10 years, I have learned a thing or two.

If you gauge the quality of your marriage by the cost of the gift your spouse buys you on a totally made up holiday, your marriage isn’t on firm ground to begin with.

A couple that really loves each other and does well together isn’t shaken by a CVS gift.

VP Mike Pence has been married to his wife since 1985.  After 33 years, I’m sure whatever he gets her after a long day of work and a national tragedy, is fine.

That Ms. Heil thinks this is newsworthy or embarrassing is likely a strong indicator of why she probably goes home to a bottle of wine and a couple of cats every night.

4 Replies to “Marriage advice for the media”

  1. For all we know, this is a tradition with them, perhaps a call-back to when they were first dating or newlyweds with no disposable income.

  2. If you base a marriage on the cost of THINGS, you are a gold digging bitch who will die alone and be half eaten by your 30 cats…

  3. Maybe he is like some of us that share our gift plans with each other ahead of time, and yet also find and give a small, simple gift the day before or the day of?

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