6 Replies to “Thise Peace Loving Liberal seeking peaceful solutions.”

  1. So this sick kid was already violating how many laws, including their “gun free zone” which was the magic cure for these events since nobody would dare to ignore a sign, and the knee jerk reaction is to call for more shootings to occur, so even more laws can be put in place. Never any sane, reasonable, offerings. Always punish the people who may have been able to stop this when it started, and those who had nothing whatsoever to do with the incident.

    1. I think the current definition of “school shooting” is “any shooting of any kind that happens somewhere near a school”. So a gang shootout in the street a few houses down from a school is a “school shooting” by the current definition.

  2. US News and USA Today among others kept printing inflated numbers after the Oklahoma City attack , 189 reported killed instead of 168 , and of course the ban guns narrative started within hours.

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