Too much baggage

I like movies.  I like to be entertained.

I really don’t spend much time worrying about the demographics of the cast if the movie is well done.

I loved Idris Elba as Stacker Pentecost in Pacific Rim.  Will Smith in Men in Black 3 was fantastic, that movie was awesome.  So was Bright.

I really want someone to do a true-to-the-book Starship Troopers and I will be disappointed if Johnny Rico is not Filipino.

Just make a movie that entertains me and doesn’t try and jam a heavy handed message down my throat and I’ll be happy.

I haven’t seen a Marvel movie in theaters in a while, or any movie for that matter.  Mostly because it’s expensive and I have kids.

I’d like to see Black Panther but holy shit, is there a lot of baggage associated with it.  It is a “defining moment for black America” and is finally “a chance for black moviegoers to finally just enjoy the show.”  It’s “more than a movie, ‘Black Panther’ is a movement.”  It’s so important a movie that people are raising money to take black children to see it because “Black children are so often instilled with the tools to survive, but when do they have the chance to live? When do we let them laugh and smile?”

It’s already been made clear to my that as a white person the movie is not for me.


And that I can’t let my presence in the theater steal joy from the black people in the audience.


So here is my question:

If I go to the theater to see Black Panther, should I sit in the back of the theater in the bad seats, and if a black person wants my seat, I have to stand?

Or, should I put on black face and try to blend in with the crowd?

I’m confused as to what I have to do to enjoy a movie about a black character, created by two Jews, Stanley Lieber and Jacob Kurtzberg.

9 Replies to “Too much baggage”

  1. I would be stoked if they made an honest adaptation of Starship Troopers. I would be dismayed because lawl Filipino entertainment industry. The Philippines has a rather, ‘unique’ entertainment industry. It’s like a bad melding of the Japanese and Spanish ones.

    But still, would be really annoyed if John Rico wasn’t a fellow Filipino.

    As for Black Panther, I’m a bit amused, a fictional country with a strong isolationist and xenophobic culture, perfectly willing to let the rest of Africa die due to diseases and wars, is being hailed as a role model and being done with the usual ‘we wuz kangs’ culture war front.

  2. I don’t really care about the Black Panther movie. Character name sounds a bit racist to me, honestly. “Oh, he’s black, so he’s the Black panther.”

    Everything I’ve seen from it so far, though, has been people telling me not to see it because as a white person, I do t deserve the entertainment. So I’m not going to see it.

  3. Dear racist libtard douchebags,

    1. You have none.
    2. Couldn’t care less.
    3. Bring it, you fascist jackasses.
    4. Freedom of speech, beotch. Don’t need or asked for your permission, you thought-nazi. And good luck trying to stop the signal.

    1. Racist if you do, racist if you don’t. I hope they realize that if every white person stayed away from this movie, it would be a huge financial bust and the studio would never want to make another one.

  4. The expensive movie will fail without a white audience joining a black audience in buying tickets. There is no African- American ism of any sort. As mentioned earlier, there is a fictitious African country that is isolationist and willing to let the rest of shithole Africa go down the crapper. I enjoy super hero movies, I have waited for this one. I hope I am entertained by it. Unlike the rest of the continent, Wakanda might be a good place to live. Alas it is a work of fiction.

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