Twitter and High School

A girl from Parkland Tweeted a response to what was perhaps Trump’s most anodye Tweet since becoming President.

Her Twitter page is gone, but the Internet never forgets.


Twitter is dangerous.

Never in a million years would I have thought to say to the President he is a “fucking piece of shit.” 

My dad would have killed.  I’d be dead, just dead.

If the paramedics managed to bring me back (and my dad didn’t kill me a second time) I’d be sure I’d never get a job in a professional setting in my life.

I’d spend eternity under the Rickenbacker Causeway with the convicted pedophiles.

I think it’s best that I stunt my children’s social growth, no Facebook or Twitter until they are adults.

This is unbelievable.

9 Replies to “Twitter and High School”

  1. I am sick and tired of these idiots who think more gun control will stop this.
    The ONLY cure for this is arming and training faculty to defend children and them selves.

    1. Laws limiting the coverage and fame the shooters get would help. Most of the sick bastards do it for the infamy that the media is so willing to give them.

      1. Laws would be unconstitutional. The First Amendment trumps any laws suppressing the Press.

        What would work, and would be constitutional, is a voluntary agreement amongst the Networks, wire services, and major papers. Personally I think the name should include a perjorative description of the shooter.

        They want fame, and are willing to settle for infamy. We need to give them scorn and ridicule instead. e.g. The needle-dicked Pulse Nightclub shooter.

        1. Dean Ing did it very nicely in “Soft Targets”, a novel in which “the Media” decide they are only going to describe terrorists as cartoonish drooling losers.

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