6 Replies to “A Lot Of Truth Spoken In This Quote.”

  1. I completely support the 2nd amendment…


    I’m sick of having to prove that have that level of support by showing that I know ever more obscure trivia about whom can make/carry/own what/where/how.

    1. It is a burden that we must carry… The mention about “our own” in not in vain, you yourself have seen Gun Owners still spouting stuff that it is not only untrue but illegal as shit. How can you correct the deed if you don’t know the shit?

  2. I had an idea to propose a law that required a third party like the CBO come up with a knowledge test for subjects. Any representative that couldn’t pass the test was unable to vote on the subject.

    I realized if that passed, it would shut down our government.

    1. Reminds me a bit of an idea in one of Robert Heinlein’s novels, a “plain English Amendment” saying that any law not intelligible to a citizen of average intelligence is void.

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