Broward Sheriff demands arrest powers for “disturbing” Social Media posts.

And in the “Never let a tragedy go to waste” category with an honorable mention for “Do it for the Children”, the nominated is Broward Sheriff Scott Israel who is now demanding to be given unilateral powers to involuntarily commit anybody he deems a danger for posting stuff that scares him like “graphic pictures of rifles, of blood…horrific language…

You want to know so far this year which has been the most popular post in this blog? ND: One bullet, three holes which qualifies as enough to have me involuntarily committed for “blood” according to Sheriff Israel. Same goes for discussions I had just in the last couple of days about Defensive Shootings and their legal consequences. And I wonder if the picture of my bolt action rifle qualifies as disturbing enough to have a BSO car sent to my door. I know my language is salty enough that a butt–tight emissary of the Sheriff may be able to consider it “horrific.”

I forgot. I live in Miami-Dade, not Broward.


Basically Sheriff Israel he wants to dilute the Baker Act into nothing. What bothers him (and others with delirium of Statism) is that when invoked, the officer must do so under oath and starting with a full report that is the basis for all other actions and eventual presentation to a judge and same goes for the medical personnel. Why? To avoid abuses of power, to avoid the “Ooops, my bad (giggle)” arrests used as punishment (or a way not to overload their Drunk Tank) that can ruin people’s lives.

We have seen what loose mental commitment laws can do to people and specially when they ran afoul of Gun Grabbers like in the case of Albert Sheakalee in California. And with the Broward Sheriff’s Office long and undignified record of being viciously Anti Gun, make no mistake they will be targeting gun owners just because they can and not because any specific or imaginary thread.

Sheriff Israel has asked not only the Legislators in Tallahassee but the ones in DC and I am sure we will be hearing from Senator Kamala Harris about bringing forward legislation that will make involuntary commitment easy to achieve and without any risk to Law Enforcement officers if the fuck up. She has a history of exercising that kind of abuse when she was California’s Attorney general.

Hat Tip Robert E.

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  1. If I recall correctly, in the old Soviet Union, if you criticized the “Workers Paradise” you must be “insane” and would get a visit from the KGB and at a minimum an all expenses paid trip to an “insane asylum” to be drugged into compliance. Comrade Beria and Herr Himmler would be proud.

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