We have to do something

For the last 48 hours I have heard nothing from the major media sources but that the Parkland shooting was the NRA’s fault.  We need to “do something” to stop this.  We need gun control.

In the last 48 hours, if you look past CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times, you’ll find some interesting tidbits of information.

Information like the Cruz house was visited by police 39 times in 7 years.

That Cruz was reported to FBI TWICE.
Once five months ago for a YouTube comment, again on January 5th of this year.

The police, the FBI, and the school all had ample red flags and reports, but were unable to do enough to prevent this shooting.

The FBI says “protocol were not followed.”  The school district saw he was dangerous but didn’t put in place policy to end the “school to prison pipeline” that some people  (liberals) wring their hands over.

If we’re going to “do something” how about we do something that might work.  We need law enforcement to not just have 20/20 vision in hindsight.

If the police keep being called to your home year after year, maybe it’s time for a digging.  After Cruz and Laughner, we need a way for school administration to get police to actually investigate students who appeared dangerous enough to get expelled. How many times does the FBI need to hear a name in connection with violence or extremism before they have the ability to come down hard on a suspect.

It’s not just Parkland but San Bernardino, Ft Hood, Boston, New Jersey, and every other case like this where we find out after the tragedy that there were red flags that got ignored or dealt with in the most superficial way possible.

Rather than take rights away from law abiding citizens in an useless act of collective punishment.   We create a better system of spotting and nailing down the red flags before the bodies pile up.

3 Replies to “We have to do something”

  1. Another report has the various ‘child services’ dept.s repeatedly declaring him as not a threat to himself or others, incident after incident.

    Obviously bought off by the NRA.

  2. AND WE GET RID OF. GUN FREE ZONES WHERE CRIMINALS GO BECAUSE THERE IS ZERO RISK FROM LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. I am sick and tired of this feel good “take guns away from citizens” crap that wont do a damn thing

  3. Like the man said, your tax dollars at work.

    But lets give them more control! That’ll stop “gun violence”! Said no one sane. Ever.

    feh It’s Max Rockatansky’s world we’re going to wind up with sooner rather than later.

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