Dear Jews of Alabama and Elswhere

Some news from Alabama:

House Approves Church ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — The Alabama House of Representatives has approved a revision of the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law to specify that deadly force can be used to defend someone in a church.

The Houses of Representatives approved the bill Thursday on a 40-16 vote. It now moves to the Alabama Senate.

Republican Rep. Lynn Greer of Rogersville cited deadly church shootings in Tennesseeand South Carolina. Greer said church members need the legal protection to “shoot back” if someone comes into a church to harm people.

Last time I went to a high holy days service, there was a police officer out front.  There was a security concern because of the rise of “white nationalists.”

Later, at a Sabbat service, there was no cop car.  I guess it’s not worth protecting the Synagogue when it’s only a few families and not a high holy day service.

So, with the bill that just recently passed through the Alabama House, if you are really worried about security at the Synagogue, let me carry my gun during regular services.

The state will allow me to protect myself in a house of worship, you should too.

5 Replies to “Dear Jews of Alabama and Elswhere”

  1. Sounds good. One wonders about the 16 politicians who voted “no” on that bill.

    J, why do you need a law for this? Is carrying in a church explicitly forbidden in your state? Robert Avrech mentioned that in his congregation, members carry to synanogue — and that is in California!

  2. There is a Mindset that approves of the morality of victimhood.
    One of my former Pistol students is a Conservative rabbi. He carries a Glock 19; his rabbinical student son carries a G17.
    Both he and his son are very competent.

    Of course we discussed the philosophy and theology of self-defense. He pointed out to me what I already knew- that Torah does not prohibit self defense and nowhere is it required that Jews be defenseless victims of evil men.

    I was asked never to mention to anyone from his congregation that he is an LTC holder ( not that I would) – his job would be at risk.

    Why is victimhood promoted?

  3. Is it on a sign on the door or do they just “ask”?. What they don’t know won’t hurt em….here in Maine if it’s posted at the entrance ” no firearms” you can lose your permit if you violate that and are subject to arrest. If it’s not posted, carry quietly.

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