Gun Snob Idiots.

Say you are in need of a gun for self-defense but your budget is not the best, in fact is downright minimal. What to do? Logic tell buy the best gun you can afford but taking in consideration you need ammo, training and range time.

You figure something like this would be a good buy:

Actually it is a great buy from Palmetto Armory. But I actually found somebody online that actually said Ruger guns are crap, specially the LCP.  Of course immediately after, TactiBoi let us all know he only carries (fanfare) Sig guns because fit, finish and the occasional orgasm he gets when caressing the metal engraved with the letters S-I-G.

I also have heard tales of “instructors” or people teaching somebody how to shoot and their first word coming out of their mouths are “This is a shit gun, You need get a (fill the blank)” or words to that effect. Those people are not only Gun Snobs but the wrong type of people to be teaching anything self defense.

Here is my proposition: If somebody gets a gun you consider cheap and would never be caught shooting one because of tactical cooties, you can go ahead and give him/her one of your super-duper pew-pew emitters or create a GoFundMe to get that person one that has your seal of approval.  Deal?

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    1. I own a Hi-Point C9. and I LOVE it!! It is a solid weapon, it lets you KNOW when you hold it, and fire it!! It is a rugged weapon, and has a solid, simple working design! It doesn’t let you down, when you need it!!!

  1. All that matters is if the firearm is suitable for one’s needs.

    1) Does it meet the budget?

    2) Does it perform the task at hand with sufficient accuracy?

    3) Is it reliable and wear-resistant/maintenance-free for the intended usage?

    If the answer is “yes” to all three, the firearm is perfectly suitable.

  2. For a basic “Rule 1” gun that’s easy to carry, you’re hardly going to beat that Ruger. Which is one of the best small .380 pocket guns going.
    That’s also a dang good price.

    But, it’s kind of like buying a bicycle. A Walmart threespeed bike will get you to work if you can’t afford a car, but you wouldn’t win the Tour de France with one.
    A Highpoint is a perfectly fine defensive tool, and will let you beat the casual Glock shooter.

    But, it’s not perfect- the production tradeoffs needed to make an affordable defensive gun do not make for a high volume, multi-thousand round shooter. Given two shooters of equal skill, the one with a Glock (or other modern service pistol) will have an advantage due to higher capacity in the mag, better ergos, and so on.

  3. Good one Sir. To repeat myself- egos have no place in instructing.
    Rule 1- do it go bang EVERY TIME? Yes? Then it works for you.
    I had a guy at a gun show turn up his nose at a Rock Island 45..” it’s a 400 dollar 45″…yea that goes BANG every time. Idiot. A buddy of mine had a llama 45, rollicking piece of crap,poor quality, it went BANG every time.

    1. Once you get your first firearm, you will either want to become more accomplished, or not. If not, it doesn’t matter what you bought. If you do want to improve, it is only a matter of time before you will have several firearms to choose from. Always remind a neophyte that — regardless of the many opinions one hears — there is no such thing as “the one perfect gun.” Each one has pros and cons. Buy one that fits in your hand, at first. But don’t ever think that only one gun is perfect, and all others are crap. If that were true, we would all have the same gun.

      1. I’ll bet you a truck load of beer, that I an out shoot ANY of those elite pistols, with my Hi-Point C9. It is all in your experience, and accuracy with the fire arm you are using!!! There is NO OTHER excuse, other than not proficient…. PERIOD!!! END OF THAT DISCUSSION….

  4. Nothing wrong with a cheap and functioning handgun. I’d rather have students buy one *today*, develop proficiency at the range a few times a year and have it at their disposal for the immediate protection of their family and friends than the snob-approved handgun that sits in the LGS display case. People forget that sometimes a family’s disposable income amounts to 10s of dollars a month, not 100s or more a month.

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