Meaning of the word winner – Update

Social Justice destroys everything it touches.  This year, it is destroying the Olympics.

According to a BuzzFeed producer:

I think Mr. Rhoades has a different definition of winner than the rest of us.  So does the rest of the media.

Time Magazine said “‘He’s the Winner of the Olympics.’ Adam Rippon Stole Everyone’s Hearts During the Olympics.”

Time also said “How Adam Rippon Found His Voice and Became America’s New Winter Olympics Star.

HuffPo said “Adam Rippon Is Allowing America To Love A (Really) Gay Athlete.”

Thrillist gave us “9 Reasons Adam Rippon is America’s Sweetheart.”

Lastly, Outsports said “Even without gold, Adam Rippon is an Olympic champion.”

To cover the details, Adam Rippon won the bronze as part of the Figure Skating Team Event.  In his individual event, he came in 7th place.

What he did was pick an unnecessary fight with Vice President Mike Pence, insult the Trump White House, put his gayness front and center, and just embarrass America on the international stage with his political whining.

Lets look at some real American Olympic winners.

Chloe Kim won gold in the Half Pipe, with a nearly perfect score, and it was her first Olympics.

Red Gerard took the gold as the youngest men’s snowboarding champion ever, after missing his alarm clock, sleeping in, and having to borrow his roommate’s jacket.  

Shaun White took the gold in an “epic final run” of his event, closing out his Olympic career with a bang.

The problem with our snowboarding team kicking ass?

None of they are gay or crapping on Trump overseas.  Two are *gasp* straight, white males.  Kim is a straight girl, and Korean (but we all know that Asians don’t rank high on the oppression scale).

They went to Pyeongchang and delivered victories.

That’s not what it takes to be an Olympic “winner” or “champion” anymore.  All you have to do is whine about being a victim and go on TV with factually inaccurate #Resistance talking points, and the media will love you for coming in 7th place.


I once again turned to the news, and these were some of the first articles I got hit with.

Gus Kenworthy kissed his boyfriend on TV and melted all the ice at the Olympics.

Gus Kenworthy’s tiny kiss with his boyfriend is sort of a big deal.

Gus Kenworthy Wins Without Making the Podium.

Why is this the news?  Because he failed to win a medal in his event, Freestyle Skiing.

He lost, BUT he kissed a man on live TV.  Kissing a man is not an Olympic sport, as far as I am aware.  So, I’m not sure how to any rational person he is a winner.  To the identity politics/social justice crowd, kissing a man on TV is infinitely more important than actually placing in an event.

Want to know why Olympic viewership is down?  I care more about our athletes who win medals and are proud of the US than those who I am only aware of because they pound butt and hate Trump.


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  1. I did get to catch a bit of Olympics coverage on Aussie TV, and it’s just the games. No sob stories, no two shots of talking heads- just the games.

    What we have happening here is pure propaganda, an attempt to manufacture consensus.

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