They want you dead, Parkland Edition

Go straight to No. 4.  “pry [assault weapons] from cold, dead hands if your need to.”

Gun owners will not comply.  In Connecticut, “tens of thousands” of gun owners didn’t register their guns.  In New York, the number was almost one million.

Register.  Not sell them to the government, register them.

What percentage does The Rude Pundit think will actually turn them in?

Close to Zero.

Buybacks won’t work.  A $50 gift card is not worth the cost of the Magpul furniture, let alone the rest of the gun, or the other half dozen I have.

In Alabama, the attitude of gun owners would be easily paraphrased as “Ha, ha.  Fuck you!  Try it, Nancy Boi.”

There aren’t more than a handful of cops in Alabama that would carry out that order.

There are only 421 police officers in all of Huntsville.  In Alabama 57.2% of homes have a gun in it.  Huntsville has a population of 193,000.  Doing the math, that means there are roughly 110,000 gun owners in Huntsville alone, meaning that there are some 260 gun owners for every cop in the city.  If half of Huntsville’s gun owners owned an assault rifle,  that’s 230 assault rifle owners per cop.

Let’s say that Huntsville police did start going door to door, how many raids will they have conducted before their numbers are depleted?

This is a pointless exercise.  It can’t happen.  It won’t.

The only thing this Tweet does is show that The Rude Pundit doesn’t value the lives of people he disagrees with on political issues, and wants to kill them, but won’t do it himself.

Again, he proves that there is no political position that the Left isn’t willing to kill countless people in order to push to try and achieve their idea of Utopia.

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  1. If we estimate the entire police force in Huntsville is onboard with the confiscations and goes to participate, and they have an attrition rate of 1 fatality on the confiscation side per 2 houses raided, and full fatalities on the gun owners’ side per house raided, and the gun owners don’t start getting pro-active, then they could get through about 1000 homes before they run out of police.

    Or about 0.1%.

    Zerg rush tactics work.

  2. In that manner of speaking, just THINK about what would happen here in TEXAS!!! lol!!! These bitches wouldn’t make it to the front yard fence trying to take them…. That would make EXCELLENT moving target practice!! Oh, and here in TEXAS, if you have fence post’s, and “DO NOT TRESPASS signs, with PURPLE paint around the edges…. You will get no warning… just shot dead on the spot!!! If they wanna push this shit, I say BRING IT!!!! I have plenty of ammo, and the funeral homes here are plentiful for your disposal… Hate to say it, but, I would not hesitate to shoot these fuck-tards. Put an end to this insurrection, ONCE AND FOR ALL!!! It is coming, just a matter of time… won’t last long, maybe a day or two, until the country runs out of body bags for these fuck-tarded morons…. I don’t look forward to shooting ANYONE, but, if they want to push that narrative…. I won’t even bat an eye to putting some lead in those animals….

  3. Adding insult to injury to New York State tyranny, part of Andrew Cuomo’s SAFE Act was that pistol permit holders had to “re-certify” their permits with the state police. You see, pistol permit data has always been retained at the county level, with this new recertification requirement meant to help the police create a “new, pristine” database. In other words, the information on permits was already in the hands of the state, they just want to make it easier to keep tabs on. The penalty in the SAFE Act was that failure to recertify meant that the permit is immediately pulled, and police were supposed to confiscate a permit holder’s handguns AND long guns. Under what actual legal authority they had to take long guns is unclear.

    Anyway, the deadline passed at the end of last month. 81,000 permit holders gave the state the finger and didn’t re-certify. This was for a procedure that was free and painless, to help the state police gather information the state already has access to. The state police capitulated, and said “we won’t prosecute those who failed to re-certify. Please re-certify”. And they think confiscation of any type of gun is going to work? I think this “Rude Pundit” fellow needs to be the first one to knock on the door.

    1. I made the mistake of reading his twitter feed for a moment. Now I need a shower. ” I think this “Rude Pundit” fellow needs to be the first one to knock on the door.”. I agree, but assholes like this are truly cowards.

      1. Is he a BLM type? I have a feeling the gun-grabber types who want to send the cops to be slaughtered see it as a win-win.

        Which makes it even less likely the police would go along with it.

  4. “Buyback” is two lies in one word, which is a pretty amazing accomplishment.

    “Buy” is a lie because buying requires a seller, and a seller is a person who willingly offers his property in exchange for a consideration. The victim of confiscation is not a seller, and confiscation is not purchase. The fact that confiscation is accompanied by some small sum of money to the victim doesn’t change that. (For the same reason, eminent domain is not a sale.)

    “back” is a lie because it means the property returns to one who owned it at some point in the past. In this case, the government never owned the property.

  5. I read a comment elsewhere when an idjit thought that a federal buy back funded with $10 billion would be sufficient to buy at least 1/2 the guns (depending on who you read that would be around 175 million at the smallest number) in the US.

    10,000,000,000 / 175,000,000 is $57 per. Pretty close to your $50

    Maths is hard for these people and it’s apparent clear thinking is too.
    I made that point and the idjit shut up

  6. For years, the Democrats have been using Magic Demographics as a tool to push a False Consensus narrative. The belief is that all the young people are automatically on their side (and will always stay on their side), and all the bad stuff is just old people who are going to die anyway.

    Part of the narrative is the bad statistics that say the number of American gun owners is actively decreasing, that record gun sales are to the same few old dudes, and that the grassroots unpopularity of gun control is because of the super rich gun makers using the NRA as a megaphone*.

    Now, False Consensus can be useful when you’r’e trying to get people to vote a certain way, or suppress unpopular opinions. But the duration of the effect is very limited. But more serious still, one can come to believe one’s own propaganda, and take a stupid course of action, as seen in the post above.

    *Like Bloomberg does with Everytown

  7. Once it starts how long before the Rude Pundit’s IP address is tracked down? How long before he is confronted and receives the kind of justice he wants visited upon others?

  8. His name is Lee Papa. He’s a professor at the City University of New York/College of Staten Island. Another one of the “enlightened” sharing his “wisdom” (aka bullshit) with us.

    1. Took a gander at this dbag’s online presence and it’s was pretty much what I expected: guy’s a stereotypical pajamaboi from nuyorkistan with delusions of testicular fortitude.

      Normally to be ignored, but his calls fomenting violence towards anyone who doesn’t agree with his hot-cocoa-and-unicorn-farts view of the world means he has to be watched very closely. Wouldn’t surprise me of this dbag or one of his fanboiz is the next to lose it.

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