Armed Liberal Virtue Signals himself into a Federal Felony

Scott-Dani Pappalardo tried to give us a shovel full of Moral Superiority and ended up breaking Federal Firearm Laws by creating a Short Barrel Rifle without the proper NFA Tax Stamp.

I cued the video to the important part bypassing almost four minutes of Virtue Signaling and self-aggrandizing bullshit:

From the ATF site:


Section 15.1 NFA.

15.1.1 Criminal. The acts prohibited by the NFA and prosecutable as Federal offenses are listed in 26 U.S.C. 5861(a) through (l). As provided by 26 U.S.C. 5871, any person who commits an offense shall, upon conviction, be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than 10 years or fined. Although the fine specified in the statute is an amount not exceeding $10,000, an amendment to Federal law provides for a fine of not more than $250,000 in the case of an individual or $500,000 in the case of an organization.224

15.1.2 Forfeiture. Any firearm involved in any violation of the NFA is subject to seizure and forfeiture.225

15.1.3 Assessment of NFA tax. ATF may assess tax liabilities under the NFA, including penalties and interest, as provided by the Internal Revenue Code.226

In all according with The Gun Trust Lawyer Blog, “This means you could be looking at a maximum of 15 years in Jail and $510,000 in penalties for a violation.”

And this is why is so important not to let Liberals dictate gun laws: They are too stupid to follow them and they only make a mess criminalizing people who do not need to be criminalized.

Will Scott-Dani Pappalardo be prosecuted to the extent of the Federal Law? I hope so. Is that mean? Nope, his side is wishing us death or at least a vacation in Guantanamo because they consider us domestic Terrorists. 

You committed a gun crime? Be truthful to your convictions and accept wearing Federal Orange Rompers for 10 years.

38 Replies to “Armed Liberal Virtue Signals himself into a Federal Felony”

  1. I agree that he should be prosecuted, only because it would point out to the rest of the fence-sitting world just how dumb the laws are. But I also know that he will not be prosecuted.

    He also should be prosecuted for willful ignorance and utter stupidity, but that’s another matter.

    On the plus, I think the gun is still salvageable, but I’m not an armorer. New barrel, gas tube and block on gunbroker for $120. Furniture is extra.

  2. He should be thrown in jail for killing that pristine left handguard!

    His back yard speaks of some wealth, so he probably doesn’t care how much collector money he just flushed.

    But this is exactly why we can’t trust these people they don’t understand value.

  3. How impressive that you care so much about the law to point out this trivial point, as well as exposing your most idiotic nature, as it is clear that you are morally inferior. And for all you know (which is evidently not much except for your cutting and pasting ability), Pappalardo could have destroyed it further later. Meanwhile, rather than spending your time trying to ridiculously expose people who show concern for others, how about trying to doing some good for humanity yourself or at least just get a life, for God’s sake?

    1. Well . I showed this video to the BATFE officer who lives next door. With any luck at all Mr. Green will soon enjoy the virtue of gang rape in federal lock up. After all. A federal felony is a felony no matter why you did it. I just wish I could be there to hear your screams as the con’s take turns shoving there arms up your traitorous communist back side, and knock out your teeth so you can’t bight down. Or you could end your worthless life quickly. Ether one works for me. Please don’t think for one second that we will let this go until you have enjoyed the full taste of the laws you have forced on the rest of us. You reap what you sow.

    2. Breaking a federal law like this is like losing your virginity.

      It doesn’t matter if it happened in the heat of the moment; it doesn’t matter if you thought you were being careful and “an accident” happened. Your intent doesn’t change the fact, and doing something else later doesn’t make it unbroken.

      Bottom line, this person broke the law and, if the law should apply equally, he should be convicted. End of discussion.

    3. It doesn’t matter if he later “destroyed” it or not…to the letter of the law, he created a Short barreled rifle that without the proper background checks, paperwork, tax stamp and approval,which is what all of you are clamoring for, is a FELONY…

    4. This is NOT an idiotic point. If you knew anything at all about firearms and firearm ownership you would know that. All this “citizen” did was show how he really isn’t a 2nd amendment advocate and that he has no idea of how the laws in this country regarding firearms actually work. By the laws as they are currently, he committed a FELONY on video for the world to see. He also solved absolutely nothing, unless he was personally planning on shooting a child. This is inane bs at the mildest, terrible misinformation that can cause jail time for others that follow suit at the worst.

  4. Pingback: Dear Mr Greene.
  5. Selective enforcement of the law is wrong. If some guy goes to 10 years in prison for having a malfunctioning AR-15 that is every so often sending an extra round down range then with the government admitting that it is an unintentional malfunction… Then guess what? This guy can go to prison for 10 years too. I am sick of people doing shit that would send my ass to jail for 10 years getting away because they’re politically correct. These fucking double standards are what disarmed blacks & minorities in the big cities and have lead to many bad police issues & unrest in the nation. Fuck your double standards.

  6. We should thank that guy- NO Liberal should EVER be sold, or in possession of a gun. Liberals are ignorant, dangerous, unstable, and hate our Constitution.

    This stupid guy should have cut off his TRIGGER FINGER instead!


    1. I don’t, all it requires is slowing things down and chatting.
      Then inputting the wrong information.
      I have no mercy on Liberals,Progressives,RINO’s or Fudds.
      Let them suffer

  7. Scott-Dani Pappalardo, the person who has had a tattoo of a gun and the words “the right to keep and bear arms” on his arm for 30 years, who posted this video you guys appear to be so smug about, has also posted a photo of his AR-15 sawed in a second place–it is clearly destroyed, nothing close to a short-barreled shotgun. But the most influential thing about his video isn’t even his destruction of his weapon, it’s the sincerity and humility with which he talks. You could take a page from his book.

    1. Why should he stop with his AR? Why not chop up the rest of his guns?
      If he can’t trust himself with an AR, how can he trust himself with any other firearm.

      He may have “right to bear arms” tattooed, but clearly doesn’t believe it.

    2. Thanks N. Baker for speaking the truth. We so badly need his example, we’re so far behind other civilized nations in safety from the danger firearms pose when not well regulated. Other nations do it better. We need more humility, we’re really not as a nation setting the example of how to handle gun safety in a way that is considered acceptable by many other nations, many are ahead of us. We’ve got a long way to go to course correct. The Parkland kids are saying they now have to take matters into their hands because the grownups failed them. They grew up watching this go on all their lives without anything remotely adequate in adult or government response. How is it that Sandy Hook did not get universal background checks unanimously through Congress immediately? How is it that bump stocks weren’t similarly immediately outlawed after Las Vegas? What does it take for the U.S. to get serious about properly protecting kids? We’re way overdue on even these most basic protections, let alone the important step of banning assault weapons from civilian hands (Pres. Reagan supported and lobbied for that). The kids at Parkland said, with justification, that they’re dying while the adults are playing around. So Mr. Pappalardo is taking the high ground here by saying what we’re doing is not good enough and setting a great example. The kids will tell you that that adults are not doing well enough. We can do much better with right thinking and resolve!

    3. I doubt that is destroyed per atf standards. That singular cut looks too clean for a torch, it looks like a saw cut.

      Other firearms require 3 torch cuts that cross the eintire receiver and cut through internal parts to make it basically impossible to repair.

      I admit I can’t speak to the specifics of the ar15 or m16 decommissioning but this certainly would pass muster for other firearms.

    4. “Scott-Dani Pappalardo, the person who has had a tattoo of a gun and the words “the right to keep and bear arms” on his arm for 30 years, who posted this video you guys appear to be so smug about, has also posted a photo of his AR-15 sawed in a second place–it is clearly destroyed, nothing close to a short-barreled shotgun”
      First, it is not a short barrel shotgun but a short barrel rifle.
      Second: It does not matter if he cut the rifle after like it was Freddy Kruger attacking a teenager in her dreams: He cut the barrel first, under the legal limit rendering without the proper background checks, payment of $200 for a tax stamp and the waiting period (running right now between 6 to 9 months) With the receiver intact, the rifle could still shoot and that is a violation of Title 26 of the US code and ATF regulations that carry a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

    5. Once again, do some research. Intent means nothing and evidence at the time of the infraction means everything. This was an extremely important article for any anti-gun person, it needs to be said. Too sorry you are butt-hurt by the facts.

    1. That’s irrelevant, one could argue he did that after the fact. Once he found out he had been reported to the ATF in which case he was simply trying to cover his tracks.
      Fact of the matter is we have video evidence of him committing a felony via illegal modification. What he did was illegal reguardless of intent and should be prosecuted for it.
      That is after all what gun control is. Implementing and enforcing gun regulations.

  8. He wrecked it. I don’t think it will qualify as the felony you claim since it’s no longer usable. With the slaughter of children and so many others with these weapons that do not belong in civilian hands in any civilized society, he is demonstrating altruism, virtue, goodness and the nobility of man. Thank God for what he did, it is so sorely needed in our nation. The kids of Parkland are saying the adults failed them. They are traumatized. Please listen to them, they are pleading that the adults take real care of them, and more guns is not the answer. Look objectively at the statistics of what happens in the U.S. vs. other nation, not just gut level emotion. And it’s not just a mental health issue, it’s very much a poorly regulated use of the 2nd Amendment which contains the words “well regulated.” Unless guns are stringently regulated, we have life’s lesson of ongoing tragedy and trauma. One policeman said Obama was wrong about gun control. Then that policeman had to clean up after a gun massacre in his neighborhood. He didn’t have the right thinking or right answers. We need better thinking, objective thinking from real experts as to what works. For the sake of the children. This man was not being self-aggrandizing in the very slightest, he was demonstrating the higher way.

    1. No David. Just no. Your post is full of lunacy and idiocy pretending to be thought or logic. It is neither thought nor logic.

      You claim a moral high ground, but stand on the side of those who would disarm the innocent, furthering the chances for slaughter. The shootings happen not because of guns, but because bad people choose to do evil. And they will choose to do evil with any weapon available to them. Outlawing guns, even if it were possible, would not prevent another bad person from doing evil. But it would, and has, and continues to prevent good people from being armed in their own defense.

      You stand with evil, sir. You have chosen your side.

    2. “He wrecked it. I don’t think it will qualify as the felony you claim since it’s no longer usable.”

      If he had cut the receiver first and then the barrel, he’d be within the law. but the moment he cut the barrel under 16 inches, he illegally created a Short Barrel Rifle without having obtained the NFA Tax Stamp that includes a Federal and State Background check plus the waiting period (Right now between six and nine months). Here is the thing: even with the barrel cut, the rifle can shoot and that seals the deal. That is all ATF is gonna look for to make the case.

      Are gun laws stupid? You betcha. Now, he should enjoy the consequences of breaking Title 26 of the U.S. Code.

      Your side keeps buying the notion that we do not have enough gun laws because you are told so by the Media and Gun Control groups. In reality, navigating every day through the minefield of Gun Laws can be a hazard to your freedom and we do it every single day.

  9. That second cut through the receivers isn’t to ATF specification. It’s stlll a gun!

    Of course he’s on the hook for making an SBR without a Form 1 because cutting that barrel first did the deed.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  10. With a guilty plea or conviction, a no time, fine or probation a time served ought to be the punishment even if no time has been served.
    Then every time there is a question that states “have you every been convicted a felony” on any form that he fills out, he has to answer in the affirmative.
    Let him live with being a felon trying to get loans, licenses, admittance to other countries and to not be able to vote.

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