Dear Mr Greene.

It seems  reader J Greene was not pleased with my take on Scott-Dani Pappalardo‘s Virtue Signaling.

“How impressive that you care so much about the law to point out this trivial point,”

The manufacture of a Short Barrel Rifle without the proper tax stamp by ATF is trivial? Tell you want? Why don’t you do the same and tell you local ATF agent what you did so he can explain how trivial is going to prison for 10 years.

“as well as exposing your most idiotic nature, as it is clear that you are morally inferior.”

It is always warming to see the intellectual Superiors caring for us, poor Unerwünschte Personen.

“And for all you know (which is evidently not much except for your cutting and pasting ability), Pappalardo could have destroyed it further later.”

Here is the thing Oh My Intellectual and Moral “Superior”: It does not matter what he did after, he still cut the barrel of a legal rifle to a length under 16 inches without the proper tax stamp. The existence of that rifle in that configuration even for a second is a violation of the law.
In order to properly dispose of a gun, he should have stopped by the ATF site where he could have learned that to destroy the firearm, he needed to cut the receiver (which is the serialized part and considered gun) in such manner that a repair would be impossible.

“Meanwhile, rather than spending your time trying to ridiculously expose people who show concern for others,

Breaking Federal Firearm Laws in Youtube is a strange way to show concern. But what do I know, you guys are SUPERIOR and above the law!


“how about trying to doing some good for humanity yourself or at least just get a life, for God’s sake?”

Doing plenty of that sir. In fact, I hope the post before and this one serve to others as guideline not to break Federal Firearms Laws that would take them away for up to a decade and leave the families broke after the fines are paid.

See? I spent some time trying to keep people out of the Fed Pokey which probably is a lot  more than you have done today.

Embarrassing both of you was simply nice creamy and cold cheesecake desert. No cherries on top needed.

11 Replies to “Dear Mr Greene.”

  1. J Greene is a Idiot just as these Self Serving Youtube wannabe stars are. If you wanna trash your weapon, feel free. But be honest about it, do it with No Video or Self Serving “Look How much I care” BS.
    Do it and STFU!

    I’ve seen another AR Chopping Video, again, just the barrel. It’s my belief these Sack Lickers are just looking for Social Approval. Neither has struck me as exactly Intelligent or Socialy Skilled.

  2. It is another example of “laws for thee but not for me.”

    An anti gunner breaks a BIG gun law but he’s not going to go to jail because his intentions were good (though the law doesn’t require intent).

    If a gun guy accidentally puts his pistol upper on his rifle lower, or puts the pistol barrel on his TC Encore before taking the stock off, he will be prosecuted.

    When David Gregory went on his show in DC with a 30 round AR mag, he broke the law. But because he was a journalist doing an anti gun rant, he wasn’t prosecuted.

    We gun owners work very hard to obey the law, and if we step out of line (like a woman from PA with a CCW going into NJ) we go to jail.

    We are tired of anti gunners being given a free pass on violating the laws they beat us over the heads with.

  3. I don’t know the background of all of this. But it seems to me it is dumb to defend a law which says a firearm less than a certain length will be the cause of big trouble for the owner/user. I suggest that all gun laws be abolished.

  4. “it seems to me it is dumb to defend a law which says a firearm less than a certain length will be the cause of big trouble for the owner/user. I suggest that all gun laws be abolished.”

    You are correct.

    The point is that until we can get all of the unconstitutional laws repealed or rendered mute we should not have to put up with unequal enforcement; ie the elites, the powerful, and the well connected shouldn’t be allowed to get a pass when they knowing and willingly break the law, just because their hearts and motives are “pure”. It’s one of the hallmarks of a 1st world country that supposedly follows the rule of law instead of the rule of agendas.

    1. Precisely. These laws exist in significant part because they don’t apply to “the right people”. Diane Feinstein can carry a gun but much of CA is denied that basic human right. The publisher of the NYT gets a gun permit in NYC but people who aren’t favored millionaires do not. Left wing journalists violate DC gun law on national TV, but Randy Weaver’s family gets murdered by federal agents.

      1. The powerful and connected will always be able to get exemptions, because while all animals are equal, some are more equal than others.

    1. Shotgun for sure. A 1/4 of an inch off the barrel IRRC and about the same for the stock so Weaver got nailed with barrel length and overall length… but don’t quote me as I am going from memory here.

  5. Miguel:

    Once again my hat is off to you.

    You have demonstrated for all to see that pompous, egotistical hypocritical idiots like J Greene do actually exist. To such breathless and self-important Morality-arbiters, breaking Federal Law on YouTube to prove a point isn’t REALLY bad-it’s only bad if people like me and you do it.

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