Dunce of the Year: Sable Marie Mongold.

Brother Chuck B. posted this articlementioning the genius here:

The latest NRA Annual Meetings have been populated with more than 70,000 members and no idea how many carrying concealed. I have posted how the local crime drops like an anvil in the area when the NRA members are in town because the bad guys know not to fuck with a bunch of armed people.   I can imagine Sable and group of idiots friends of hers actually popping a couple of caps over at the convention center and getting and unholy wave of lead back.

And she would be making the case for the elimination of Gun Free Zones.

Bless her little heart.


5 Replies to “Dunce of the Year: Sable Marie Mongold.”

  1. It looks like with all the colleges and Higher Education facilities you would be smarter than to ask for more violence. But maybe that why you have ended up modeling, you weren’t smart enough to actually graduate. I hope the FBI comes a knockin on your door for terrorism…have a nice life

  2. The thing is, people like her that post these things would not actually do it, but if they incite someone else to do it, they take no responsibility for posting it, which is why I believe the 1st amendment, freedom of speech, should require a background check.

  3. Another snowflake who has no idea what work is or how to earn a respectable living…she even posted on her FB asking if someone wants to use her couch while she gone traveling the country…seriously wtf? I guess it’s easy when ur an over privileged little princess who “wants to end suffering” yeah suffering for her is misplacing her glitter make up b4 a “protest”

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