Florida Gun Center responds.

In a previous post, I wrote about an acquaintance supporting legislation for the sales of rifles to only those 21 and over as it was done in a  gun store he used to work for. An employee of the same store also jumped into the fray so I contacted the store and asked them about it.

Here is the screen caps.

Click to enlarge.

Good for them to give a prompt and complete answer.

I have no problem with their internal policies as long as they are within the law. I may disagree with not selling to people under 21, but I respect their wishes as it is their hard-earned business.



One Reply to “Florida Gun Center responds.”

  1. Yes, as a private business they can make their own store policy.

    My problem is their statement: “We will not or never infringe on peoples rights.”
    Yet by refusing to sell long guns to 18-20 year olds (adults who can legally own and buy firearms) they are doing just that, infringing.

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