A bunch of kids laid in the street to protest for gun control.   They laid their for three whole minutes, supposedly because that’s how long it took for Nikolas Cruz to buy a gun.

I don’t think the three minutes had anything to do with how long a NICS check takes, but how long they could go without checking their Facebook status on their phones.

6 Replies to “Timing”

  1. Poor little ignorant/stupid snowflakes.

    “Two of the most dangerous human conditions are sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – by A Famous Person

  2. Three minutes total time? From the time he walked into the store, laid down his money, did the check, filled out the form, got run up- everything?

    This is a rather stupid “gee whiz” fact to build on. Increase the time by a month, and it’s clear that the FBI or the other law enforcement agencies were doing bugger all.

  3. Shit like this is what school shooters feed off of, next shooting I hope some one reminds them how they encouraged the shooter by affirming how much attention they will get.

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