Dear Liberals: Another quick Lesson on Destroyed Barrels (last one, I promise)

A person who works in a firearms manufacturing company and wants to remain anonymous sent me this email:

As a gun manufacturer employee, we live and die by these regulations. We have regular in-house training on gun laws and how they are applied. It doesn’t matter the intent. If someone the assembly line accidentally puts the wrong parts together and builds an SBR we can lose our FFL (Federal Firearms License). We have to be diligent all the time as our jobs and the company hangs in the balance on that. It is drilled into us by our compliance office. We have to know and obey the law regarding of how foolish it may seem. So when we get lectured about gun laws or see someone do something like that it infuriates us.

Let me put it this way: I am sure many of you know and work with spreadsheets. It may be by hand or with evil Excel, but it helps to keep track of the inventory, monies, etc. The ATF can fine the hell out of you or remove your FFL just because you did not type something right and your books do not match 100% with the physical inventory.

Now I ask you, how many mistakes have you made on your spreadsheet just today? In a week? In a Month? Year?

So, the next time that some idiot comes and tells you that teddy bears are more regulated than guns, take appropriate action.


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