Making the case for a strong Second Amendment.

A billboard in Louisville, Kentucky, suddenly showed this message:

Yup, they want us dead. Nothing new there, but it is nice that is getting a lot of coverage.

The funny part? NRA members are far from cowed by the message. For us it is not a threat but an indicator that somebody is willing to use deadly force against us and that as Americans, we get to respond with deadly force to protect ourselves from death or grave bodily harm.  In fact, pretty much the tweets from NRA members can be summarized in one meme:

Of course, some o the less-stupid in the Liberal Twitterverse, inferring that it may not be a good idea to piss people with guns off by attacking them are trying to parse and retreat from the intent of the billboard:

I have not see examples of that quality Moonwalking since the death of Michael Jackson.

It is never a good idea to poke the bear…. just saying.

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  1. Who are these liberals going to boycott? Glock? SIG? Remington? Taurus? S&W? Visa Outdoors? I’m pretty sure they’ve been boycotting them for years.

  2. Kill doesn’t mean Kill, but when Gabby Giffords’ district is “targeted” in an election campaign, then a deranged liberal (redundant, I know) shooter nearly kills her, the meme is that the Tea Party all but hired a professional assassin.

    1. There was another “known wolf” shooter. Well-known to the authorities, but constantly given more chances to kill because he was related to a local Democrat.

  3. They refuse to understand that the NRA is a member society, not an industry lobby with companies behind it that could be boycotted. I suppose a fair number of them don’t know this because they only listen to the New York Pravda. But I’m sure the bosses know it, they just lie about it.

    1. Don’t forget that the mayor pro tem in Big D is demanding that the NRA move its long scheduled Annual Meeting to somewhere else, apparently because of the JFK assassination for starters. If he gets his wish, it will encourage the other boycott minded…………

    1. With the totally 1337 martial arts they learned at their trendy gyms, of course. Which…is generally just fitness fluff rather than actual martial arts (also generally useless against firearms, let’s be honest) but we’re talking about people who think Harry Potter is real. They’re probably imagining themselves as Jet Li in the wuxia “movie playing in their heads”.

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