BREAKING: Sarasota County Sheriff to use retired military, LEOs in school security program

At the risk of having Lee Williams kick my butt, I am copy/pasting the whole article:

In a press release, Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight just announced plans to use retired law enforcement officers and military veterans in his new “quasi-school security program.”

“We have been looking at opportunities over the last two years to help school officials develop a practical and achievable safety plan for the district,” Sheriff Knight said in the release. “My recommendation is for the school to consider implementing a quasi-school security program that puts retired law enforcement and military veterans on Sarasota County campuses. Members would be contracted through the schools however, our agency will be made available to put them through the proper training. I have spoken with the superintendent who agrees this can be a win-win for everyone.”

In my humble opinion, this is a great move by the sheriff and the school district.

A column I published just this morning recommended protecting our schools with our highly trained veterans.

“This is not an overnight solution but it’s a good place to start,” said Sheriff Knight. “Many of these veterans have basic training, have managed major incidents and have knowledge of weaponry and tactics. More often than not, these retirees are looking for a way to care for the children in their community and this program is a sustainable solution. What is needed to get this off the ground is legislative change to F.S.S. 790 dealing with concealed weapons on school campuses. If our lawmakers are willing to make the proper changes for the safety of Florida students, I will support their decision and stand ready to take action.”

This, friends, is a great move.

And I have to agree: It is concise and is directed to the issue: Schools are Soft Targets and need to be hardened.

Dear Broward County Parents under the care of the BSO. Rest assured that Sheriff Scott Israel will NOT implement a program like this in the near of far future. Your kids are more valuable as political tool if dead.


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