Do I know my enemies or what?

It was just this morning when I posted that if I were a suspicious man, I’d bet that the funding from the buses and the black SUVs to take the Parkland Propaganda Kids to Tallahassee came from out dear Pimp for Moms Demand, Michael Bloomberg.

I just caught this bit of info via Bearing Arms.

A leading gun control group announced on Saturday that it is forming a new group aimed at high school and college students.
Everytown for Gun Safety, a group funded in part by former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, said it had created a new initiative called Students Demand Action in a Facebook post over the weekend. “NEW!” the post said. “High school and college students across the country are teaming up with Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety to launch #StudentsDemandAction, an initiative that gives students the opportunity to lead the charge against gun violence.”

Bloomberg-Funded Group Announces New Student Gun Control Group in Wake of Parkland Shooting.

Best way to predict future behavior is to check past behavior. Bet your ass we will see some useless gathering of teens at Dallas during the NRA AM, but the media will make it look like a Crusade.

Then I seem to recall a Children’s Crusade that did not end well either.

And my apologies to Joe Miller. He got the info in the comments and I missed it.

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